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Delivery driver leaves chalk note to encourage little girl

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A delivery driver who left a note after delivering several packages on a customer's porch showed just how much it means to know that even strangers encourage you and want to see you healthy again.

The little girl who lives there is battling cancer, and this encouragement made her smile and reminded her of all the beautiful things she has yet to discover. The message came as a welcome gift of joy for the whole family, who had been praying and was in need of support.

What are the details?

Aubrey Hutson lives in Lakeland, Florida. The little girl loved playing softball and had no issues whatsoever until, one day, her leg started hurting. Everyone put it down to the usual growing-up process, but unfortunately, it was something a lot more serious.

Her mom, Lyndsi Hutson, was sad and struggled to come to terms with what was occurring once the whole family learned what was happening to the little girl.

"She was just a regular softball-playing kid, and one day her leg started to hurt. What we thought were growing pains turned into stage 4 cancer, and as parents, we were in complete disbelief," Lyndsi shared with The Epoch Times.

One day, while the woman's husband and all their kids were swimming and having fun in the yard, Lyndsi suddenly heard the doorbell ringing. Once she opened the door to see who it was, she saw a package left there. Then she looked at the porch steps, and there was something new there.

A note had been left written in chalk right on the steps. "Amazon is praying for you; we love you, Aubrey."

The mother was very surprised, and she instantly smiled on spotting the heartfelt message. Then she saw the Amazon driver across the street. The man had delivered the package to the family and added the little note to give them hope and cheer them up a little bit even though they were struggling right now.

The woman shouted across the street to show him how thankful she was, and his reply made it clear how unique the little girl's battle was to him.

"I looked up, and I saw the driver across the street, then I yelled out, 'Oh my gosh, you are amazing, thank you!' He shouted back, 'I'm not amazing; Aubrey is!'" Lyndsi said.

The mom ran to tell the rest of her family what had just taken place outside. She had tears in her eyes, and Aubrey felt "so excited" and encouraged to learn that a total stranger had taken the time to write the touching note to her while using chalk. To her, it was heartwarming to realize that someone she didn't even know was praying for her and wishing she would get well soon.

The mother wanted to find out the driver's name and give him a bracelet with Aubrey's name on it, so she went ahead and posted her doorbell camera video on social media. Over there, it reached thousands of people, and eventually, someone reached out to her with the man's name and number. His name is Asani Anderson, and very soon, a meeting was in the works due to his kind gesture.

When they met for the first time, Aubrey and Asani shared a big hug; they played Rock Paper Scissors together and had a great time covering the sidewalk and the whole porch in chalk.

Whenever a delivery truck pulls over, Aubrey now gets excited and runs to see who it is, hoping to see her friend again.

Lyndsi revealed that the driver remembered her daughter due to making delivery rounds in their area very frequently and that Aubrey had "left an impression" on him.

The Hutson family posts updates on their social media page, and they've built a community of over 10,000 followers, made of friends and other families supporting Audrey or making their own way back to health.

They get daily deliveries from Amazon, taken from Audrey's wishlist, and their front yard has several signs with uplifting slogans, such as "She will win."

Lyndsi thinks Asani understood just how much Aubrey needed his words and the faith that lies in them.

The mother is convinced that it's gestures like this that can change a life and bring joy and faith to make you stronger.

"Just be kind—allow joy to spread. If you are able to buy someone a coffee at Starbucks, please do it. If you can give a compliment to someone, do it. If you can write a note, give a smile, anything, do it. You never know when you could be changing someone's life with something small. Nothing is too small. Start a chain reaction!" she encouraged everyone, reminding people that it only takes a drop of kindness to make life seem happier, peaceful, and filled with excitement and belonging.


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