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Man stops to help kitten on the road, gets plenty more: "I wasn't ready for it but couldn't leave them"

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As he was driving home, a man suddenly noticed a tiny kitten on the side of the road. He slowed down and eventually stopped. He meant to help the kitten, who looked lost and lonely, and he just couldn't go home and think he had left him back there.

So, the driver stopped, got out of his car, and couldn't believe what happened after he picked up the kitten.

What are the details?

Robert was headed home in his car. He lives in Pioneer, Louisiana, and he spotted a tiny kitten while driving. He could have gone around, but he wanted to do more than just avoid the kitten.

He looked so small and lonely, perhaps hungry too, that the man didn't have the heart to go on driving without looking back.

He pulled the breaks and came toward the kitten. When he got close, he stepped out of the car and went toward him. He picked up the kitten and gently patted him on the head, according to Sunnyskyz.

And then, something completely unexpected took place.

"While driving home, I ran across what I thought was a baby kitten by itself. Stopped, backed up, and found this!" Robert wrote on social media.

While he was checking if the kitten was ok and saying hi to him, he heard other sounds coming from the grass. It only took a few seconds for several more kittens to show up from among the grass blades.

Seeing that the man was nice to their little brother, all the other kittens felt confident enough to come out and see if they could get love and a good home too.

The number of kitties certainly surprised the man, but even though he wasn't ready for the sight, he knew he wanted to help them.

"I wasn't ready for it but couldn't leave them there either. So then, I loaded them up and brought all of them home," Robert added.

All the kittens got in the car, and they had their first ride to the man's house. Once they got there, they got food, water, and so much love.

The family is currently working on getting them back on track with food and cuddles, and they're hoping to find a forever home for all of them.

There were 13 kittens in total, and for now, they're living with Robert and his family. They have a farm where the kitties have plenty of space to play, and they're all safe and cozy. Robert's two kids love them all, and there's a good chance some of them will stay, even though they're trying to get most of them adopted and settled in nice homes.

How did people take it?

Hundreds of people reacted to the footage, and plenty of comments sent love and hugs to the kittens while pointing out they had a very clever strategy to get themselves out of trouble.

"You can't say the cats didn't plan that, especially how they were all hiding in the tall grass," one commenter wrote after seeing the video.

"Little did the guy know that they were after his car based on how they surrounded him," was another reaction.

"I loved when he picked the kitty up, and the other ones immediately appeared (Hey guys, it's our chance now, let's get him, boys)."

"That's it now; you've been chosen. You are their property and nothing more."

"This just made me laugh! The kittens are so cute! And smart. You are such a good guy!"

"His reaction is so sweet!! God bless you for taking all of them after all and finding them forever homes! You are the best!!"

"They're so cute! It warms my heart he took them all in"

"Mittens was like, 'Ok guys, y'all hide in the grass, and when he picks me up, I'll give the signal, and everyone comes rushing out.'"

"That was really well planned, send the bravest one out, and when they realize the person is nice, they all rush out at the same time. "

"The first was the lookout and come out guy; they are so smart. 'Send him,' they discussed. This was such a cute fluffy trap to fall into. When he said 'Oh no,' they were like, 'oh, you are going to love us. Get him.'"

"I'll go first and get his attention, then y'all will all jump out, and then he will be ours."

"The first kitten was brave enough to get help for his siblings. This video is precious."

"They sent the cute one to stop traffic. Come on, brothers and sisters. We've got him!"

"Thank you for saving the poor babies. They're so beautiful."

"The mini meows have chosen you. So sweet, bless you for helping them," a touching comment concluded about the wonderful gesture. The man took all kitties with him and didn't hesitate to help even if he did feel overwhelmed for a few seconds. The tiny meows got close to his heart, and the bond they shared on that day kept getting stronger each day they spent together.


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