Man walks behind family to pick up order, woman's reaction stops all sound: "Took her 3-5 business days"

Amy Christie

A woman posted the footage from her doorbell camera from the day a man walked behind her family. The moment drew so many reactions and comments from people everywhere that the footage will be one to remember, particularly because of the intensity of the sound and the way the man seemed unfazed by the volume.

What are the details?

Cheryl was in front of her house with her daughter and a friend. As they were talking and checking out the flowers in front of the house plus some roof leaks, a man walked slowly to their home. He came from behind, and they had their backs turned to the driveway, so they didn't see him approach at all.

The man tried to say "Hello," and that's when things changed quickly.

The mother was so surprised by him showing up like that, particularly since the man hadn't made any noise, that she kept on shouting for several seconds.

The woman's friend looked shocked as well, but after the initial reaction, they realized he had no doubtful intentions.

He was actually living in a neighborhood close by and was coming to pick up something that he had got for his mom on Facebook Marketplace.

The way the woman reacted caused a wave of comments on social media, followed by the caption, "Well, my fight or flight is officially broken!"

The kind, harmless man, didn't react to the shouting. Instead, he wasn't fazed even one bit and kept calm throughout the whole thing.

How did people take it?

From funny comments to surprise or even agreeing with the sound intensity, thousands of people watched the video and commented on what took place.

"He just stood there like it's every day that people do that when they see him," one user wrote after watching the video.

"That took her 3-5 business days," another user felt about it.

"Totally reasonable reaction if you ask me," one commenter said, thinking they might have reacted in a similar way.

"If I was the guy, I think I would have turned around and started doing the same she did, thinking someone was behind me," was another comment on the thread.

"I am crying tears. I have laughed and snorted so hard," one user added.

"I can't even see this screen from crying and laughing. The worst they can say is no."

"I keep thinking I'm not gonna laugh again, but I laugh every time."

"The way he didn't even flinch. This has to be the coolest video I've seen in a while. I literally cried laughing."

"That was the longest ever. This is also me if my husband simply walks into a room unexpectedly. Right there with you," a funny comment concluded about the video that got everyone intrigued, smiling, or unable to stop laughing for several minutes.


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