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Toddler gets letter from "daddy who never met her" after birthday balloon travels from Washington to Ohio

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A stranger's selfless act of kindness supported a family more than they could have thought. After losing her dad, a little girl received a letter from him in the mailbox and handmade presents that made her smile. That's how she realized she would always be connected to him, even if they didn't get the chance to meet.

This unique, selfless action took place after the birthday balloon sent out by the little girl, and her grandmother with a note tied to it traveled from Washington county all the way to Fayette County, Brier Hill, Pennsylvania.

What are the details?

Tami Avolia's son, Travis, passed away just one week after he found out he would be a dad. The man was very excited to be a dad, and he was beaming at the very thought of welcoming a little girl. Unfortunately, he didn't get to see her.

"She never got to meet him. A week before it all happened, we were celebrating together at the gender reveal party. He was very excited he was having a little girl," Tami said for KDKA.

Four years passed since that moment, and Tami wanted to do something special to celebrate Travis's birthday with his little girl, Milan.

So, she released a balloon and let it fly into the sky. The writing on it said "Happy Birthday," and Milan had also tied a note on the string, hoping it would somehow reach her dad and he could read it.

"She wrote a note to him, and it says, 'Happy birthday, daddy. I miss you. I love you. I never wanted you to go away. Happy Birthday from Baby girl,'" Tami shared, according to Sunnyskyz.

What happened next?

The touching note and the way both the grandmother and the toddler remembered Travis was special, but that was not the end of it. Tami and her family never expected what followed, and their hearts were filled with gratitude.

Just a few days later, Tami went to check the mailbox. After she looked inside, she suddenly noticed a letter like no other.

"A couple of days after, I went to get the mail. I started pulling letters from the mailbox and saw that one was from 'Daddy in heaven' to 'Baby Girl,' and I just started crying," Tami recalls.

A postal worker employed in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, revealed that a woman found the birthday balloon at her house in Brier Hill. She was touched by the message tied to the string, and she mailed a package to the family a few days later. It was addressed to "Baby Girl," and it came from "daddy, who never met her."

The package had a letter tucked inside, and it read, "I loved your birthday present. Thank you very much. Daddy loves you and Mommy very much and you all. Here is a present that I made just for you. Hope you like them."

After opening it, the little girl found three handmade ornaments.

"I'm sending you a kiss. I love you so much. Daddy," the letter went on.

The toddler was delighted to receive the gift, and the whole family shed happy tears on seeing there was still so much kindness all around.

"To see that smile on her face when she received her gift from daddy was priceless," Tami said, remembering how her granddaughter was beaming once she knew what the note and the presents meant.

Tami is grateful for the heartwarming gesture, and the whole family sent out hugs to the woman who took the time to make the ornaments and write the touching note that helped them all feel more positive and find hope.

"After what we went through, I just lost faith in people. She brought it back. I want to say thank you, whoever you are. I want to truly thank you," the grandmother concluded.


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