Mother raccoon tries to reach babies in the attic, gets stuck in the roof

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A concerned homeowner was shocked when they noticed a raccoon coming out of their roof. She wasn't just walking on it. Instead, the mother raccoon had done her best to chew through it and reach her babies on the other side. The raccoon got stuck in the middle and couldn't move either way despite her efforts.

What are the details?

Wildlife Services got immediately alerted as soon as they received a call from a homeowner who told them they saw a raccoon who got stuck on their roof.

The house was located in the Santa Cruz Mountains, and the mother raccoon had been chewing through the roof, hoping to get back to her babies, who were all waiting inside, according to Sunnyskyz.

"Our friends at Wildlife Services got a call earlier today from a concerned citizen in the Santa Cruz Mountains regarding a raccoon that had chewed through their roof and had gotten herself stuck," the animal shelter posted on social media about what took place.

The mother raccoon had been out for a while, and the homeowner had fixed an attic vent and then closed it off while she was still away. Her babies were left in the attic, but there was no way she could get to them, as Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter revealed.

However, the mother raccoon wasn't about to give up on her babies. Seeing no other way around the problem, she began chewing the roof, piece by piece. She made it partway through it, but the opening wasn't wide enough, so she became wedged in it and got stuck. Her hips, tail, and rear legs were left outside.

"Knowing that time was critical, the homeowner was instructed to push the raccoon through the hole," the post added.

The wildlife crew arrived at the house and set out to free the raccoon. They were soon able to widen the hole enough to let the mama raccoon in so she could be close to her babies again.

"Now that the mama raccoon is back and safe with her babies, Wildlife Services will have mama and her kids move along to a more appropriate home. We always love a happy ending," the shelter concluded.

The online community reacted with a wave of positive comments and relieved sighs that this raccoon family was helped at the right time so that the mother and the babies could be together again.

"So sad! I am so glad she could be reunited with her babies and pull through this. Thank you for caring!" a commenter wrote about it.

"Yikes, poor mama! Great job saving her. I hope the roofing company is nice to the homeowners; I doubt that would be covered," was another reaction to it.

"This is a good reminder not to close up any openings without taking precautions - animals could be inside. The mother raccoon was trying to get back to her babies after the repairs were made, and she was locked out," another user added on the thread.

"Thank you for all your care and concern for this sweetie. Great to see!"

"I've had several raccoon families over the years who kept pulling the wire out to get under the house. I'd put it back up; they kept pulling it out, so I finally gave up. I love watching them bring their babies out at night. So cute."

"Great work all! Always so good when there comes a happy ending for God's beautiful creatures. Thank you for rescuing her and reuniting her with her babies," a touching comment concluded about the moving reunion between the mother and her babies.


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