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Mom learns story behind seashell adventures after 32 years: "Still discovering the love behind my childhood"

Amy Christie

A woman who lives in Detroit, Michigan, just discovered what was behind all her sea adventures and the unique seashells she gathered throughout her childhood.

The whole story came to light when she saw her dad with her kids. The way they came upon their little treasures on the shore reminded her of how happy she was three decades ago, and now she knows how it all came about.

What are the details?

Mikki is a nurse, a model, and a photographer. She has always cherished her childhood as a time full of wonders, and she particularly remembers how delighted she was when she was out on the beach with her dad looking for seashells.

Watching him on the beach with her own kids, she finally understood how it all happened and why she kept discovering so many wonderful seashells when she was a little girl. And the love behind it all made her so happy her kids could also go looking for treasures with their grandfather and have lots of fun together.

The woman shared a heartwarming video with her dad and her kids.

They're all out on the beach on a sunny day, searching for seashells and competing on who finds the best.

"Still discovering the love behind my childhood," she captioned the video posted on social media.

"My dad took us seashell hunting growing up. I was 32 years old before he finally revealed his secret," Mikki wrote.

She never understood how she found so many beautiful seashells right on the shore, close to where she was walking when she was little. As it turns out, it was her dad making sure she was happy.

"He goes to a souvenir shop and buys a bag full of beautiful seashells and plants them for us to find. And now he does the same for his grandkids," Mikki added, according to Sunnyskyz.

Indeed, the little girl and the boy are happily searching for seashells with their grandfather. With every unique shell, they uncover a new smile and get excited, and their grandfather keeps pointing out likely places where they might find some more. In between waves, the kids add shells to their little pink bucket, and the fun goes on, just like on a treasure quest.

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"He always made adventures fantastical, and I'm still learning the extent of it," Mikki wrote.

The wonderful shells amazed both grandkids as they went forward on the shore, getting more curious by the minute and feeling they might yet uncover even greater ones.

And all the while, their grandfather is smiling and watching over them, knowing he gets to create a lovely story one more time and has tiny hands looking through the sand and the water until they can touch the shells he brought for them.

How did people react?

The online community was touched by the video that showed how much childhood adventures matter. The quests you accomplish and the wonderful things that happen when you're young help you grow up happy, curious, and always up for the next adventure. And when someone opens a window into what's behind that happiness, you can get a glimpse of what true love is all about.

"When you get older, you realize that a precious childhood is the result of your parents' effort," one commenter wrote.

"The fact that he didn't tell you this until you were in your 30s shows what kind of man he is. He didn't want credit and just loved making his family happy," was another take on it.

"The first time I've taken my kids to the beach...there were no shells, and they were so sad. So, I did this the next day," another user added to the thread.

"When I got a metal detector, the man who I now call my dad (was my mom's boyfriend) littered the backyard with coins for me. I'll never forget,' was another fond memory shared in the discussion.

"My dad would tell me that the sand makes marbles when it rains, so I would go and collect my marbles after every rain. Until I caught him doing it to my kids."

"My mom would sprinkle glitter on me when the tooth fairy came."

"This is something I would see my stepdad do. He would always make moments like these so special for us kids and now with his grandkids."

"I used to think my grandfather was the luckiest man alive as he would always find money, but he was always the one that put it on the floor for me."

"My grandma bought bags of seashells for us to find too."

"Special moments and a lifetime of treasures."

"This had me straight crying. What a good dad and grandpa."
"The world needs more dads like him."

"I'm so doing that as a grandma!"

"This makes me wanna hug my dad a lot more; our parents really created stories for us as kids," a commenter concluded about the amazing way that love brings about so many fond childhood memories. All those moments stay in your heart, and every time you need a reason to keep on hoping or go through struggles, there they are.

Your stories are filled with love and quests that brought you so much wonder and happiness. The parents who are making stories happen, all the grandmas and grandpas creating new quests for grandkids, they're all sharing and believing, and somehow we grow up wanting to give our kids that same smile and curious way of seeing extraordinary things from the very first years of their lives.


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