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Pig and chihuahua found together in Arizona: "They bonded like best friends"

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An unlikely pair of buddies needed help in Arizona. A chihuahua and a potbelly pig made an awesome team and constantly looked out for each other. And when they needed help, they were taken in together, and their friendship kept on growing.

What are the details?

An unusual pair of close friends were found by the Arizona Humane Society, located in Phoenix. A potbelly pig decided his favorite buddy in the whole world was a tiny chihuahua, so they wouldn't let anyone split them up.

They were taken to the shelter together and have since kept getting closer each day. Walks, naptime, play, and fun games are all unique moments that the two buddies wouldn't think of enjoying without each other.

The two animals were named Pumbaa and Timon, as an endearing reminder of the meerkat and warthog characters in The Lion King.

The pair was located earlier this month, and the shelter took them in after their owner was taken into custody on cruelty charges.

And ever since they've been looked after and felt safe, the chihuahua and the pig connected even more. Their bond kept on building while they both stayed at the shelter.

Timon's favorite thing to do is taking walks on Pumbaa's back. He loves being up there even when they're just resting or figuring out their next adventure. And Pumbaa is only too happy to have him.

The best buddies were taken to the shelter together and couldn't get enough of each other once they only had kind people around them.

The shelter also set out to find them forever homes, and happily, a solution was found for each one.

"They have since found new loving homes thanks to our wonderful rescue partners at Better Piggies Rescue. They bonded like best friends," the shelter said, according to Sunnyskyz.

Better Piggies Rescue also revealed that Pumbaa is now feeling cozy and comfortable and settling in nicely. "He's made himself right at home, with no issues whatsoever," the rescue added.

And Timon is about to become a sanctuary dog.

"Pumba is all comfortable in the front of the sanctuary with Bubs, TT, Alvin, and Mob. He's a natural greeter, and we can't wait for everyone to meet him when we start up tours in September. He really needs to be near his best friend, Timon, who we are working with, so he can become a sanctuary dog," the organization concluded.


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