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Mother cat brings two kittens to doorstep, adds five more to family: "Mama Ally has the sweetest heart"

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A stray cat looked after her two older kittens and brought them with her as she spotted a friendly-looking doorstep. The cat decided to trust the owner of that home, and it turns out she wasn't wrong.

Inside there was a cat lover who was excited to receive the little paws family. And very soon, Mama Ally gave birth to five more kittens in need of playtime and cuddles, and her whole family got shelter and extra care so they could feel safe and cherished.

What are the details?

The stray cat would not be parted from her kittens, and she cared for them even if they were a bit older. They followed her, and together, they showed up one morning on a back porch.

Sarah Kelly, who is the founder of Murphy's Law Animal Rescue (MLAR), shared that the two older kittens and their mom were in search of food, attention, and a cozy shelter.

"Mama Ally showed up on the doorstep, locally, about two months ago with her two older kittens. They seemed to be just a few months old, with mama not appearing too much older herself," Kelly shared with The Epoch Times about the furry family walking around Greensboro, North Carolina.

The homeowner got in touch with Sparkle Cat Rescue, which works with MLAR.

That's how the "hungry, but relatively friendly and otherwise healthy" cat family found the help it needed. The older kittens were placed in foster care, and MLAR also helped Ally.

As it turns out, the cat was about to have new kittens.

"We knew that there was definitely a chance she was pregnant since she was a stray, and her other kittens were old enough that she could've been pregnant again," Kelly recalls.

Her team soon confirmed that the mother cat was in her third trimester. So, Mama Ally became the official MLAR foster cat and had five healthy tiny kittens.

"She's the most genuinely affectionate, sweet, and adoring mama," Kelly added.

Monica, Ally's foster mom, gave names to all the kitties inspired by Dr. Seuss characters: Mayzie, Sam, Cindy Lou, Sir Snipps, and Hattie.

"You can't stop smiling when thinking of Dr. Seuss, and you can't avoid beaming on seeing these sweet babies!" Kelly shared.

Right from the start, Ally was gentle and took care of all her kittens, balancing feeding times with protection, grooming, and affectionate hugs. She also took a bit of "me time" to get her energy back.

Ally got close to her new mom and made sure she knew where her favorite purring spots were: the crook of the arm and Monica's lap.

"Mama Ally has the sweetest heart. Having cared for her older kittens for so long and so well, outside as a stray, then seeking out help, has proven what a heart of gold she has," Kelly said.

As her kittens grow up and start to get curious about their surroundings, Ally keeps a close eye on them. Once they're all eight weeks old, they will be ready to be adopted and find their forever homes.

The cat's two older kittens were adopted together, so they will share all their memories and fun times.

"The two of them were a bonded pair, and this is what was hoped for," Kelly said.

Mama Ally will also be looking for a loving home very soon.

"Often, things go wrong for these sweet animals, and they end up in terrible circumstances until help comes. By sharing every step in our journey, we hope to encourage others to adopt, and get involved with their local animal shelters, to do what they can to support them," Kelly concluded.


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