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Dog found leashed to fire hydrant gets adopted: "Baby Girl has a happy future ahead"

Amy Christie

Lately, many pet owners who are struggling with financial hardship have had to make difficult decisions about their best friends. Unfortunately, fur babies don't always get to stay in the family once the money runs out.

That's why a dog was left leashed to a fire hydrant, along with a backpack full of the toys she loves and her favorite treats.

The note the former owner left explained their situation and how they weren't able to look after her anymore. The little dog sadly waited there, possibly hoping they would come back for her.

A neighbor in Green Bay, Wisconsin, even waited there with the pup for more than an hour, hoping for the best. But no one came back for her.

What are the details?

The Wisconsin Humane Society uploaded a photo of the lonely dog online. The fur baby was left in Green Bay, at the corner of East Walnut Street and South Clay Street. A kind neighbor waited with her in case her owners would be back. Unfortunately, no one came.

"I sat with her outside for an hour, keeping her warm, waiting for someone to come back, but no one did. I took her to the Humane Society in Green Bay. I did my best, everyone. Trust me; it breaks my heart too," Kylie Rose Engelhardt wrote on social media about what happened.

So, the homeowner took the little dog to the Humane Society. The note left with her said her name was "Baby Girl." The dog was temporarily in their care until they could find her a comfortable loving home.

"We're sorry you had to part with your best friend. It's clear how much you loved her, and we can see you did your best while struggling with your medical complications and challenges of life," The Humane Society wrote online.

They could realize that the intention was not just to abandon the little dog. A lot of care had been put into gathering her toys and treats and also in penning the note asking someone to love her.

"We see your love in the bag that you carefully packed with all her favorite things. We see your love in how you tied her leash so she wouldn't get to the road. We see your love in how you placed her in the middle of a neighborhood where she'd be found quickly. We see your love in how healthy Baby Girl looks. And we see your heart in the note you left, pleading for someone to help her even if you no longer could," the Humane Society added in their message, according to The Epoch Times.

They made the post precisely to show the owners that their dog would be well looked after and that they knew they left Baby Girl because they had no choice.

"We wish you the best and hope, if you see this, that you can rest a little easier knowing Baby Girl has a happy future ahead," the society concluded.

Many people learned about the abandoned little dog after the social media posts, so it didn't take long for potential adoptive families to come and ask about Baby Girl.

In an update, the Humane Society shared that the previous owners had made contact with them and expressed their thankfulness for the community's support. Their "hearts were filled to the brim after seeing the community's generosity for their fur baby."

And in a few days, Baby Girl found her forever home.

"She has officially found a new home! Baby Girl is a goofball with a heart of gold," the society concluded.

They also sent out a reminder to everyone that they will always shelter pets in need and that their owners can surrender them anonymously if they can't offer the care they need any longer.

"We regularly work to ensure surrender fees are not a barrier to those needing to rehome their pet. Although we request a surrender appointment be made in advance, we take in emergency surrenders if necessary. It's important that the community knows we are a supportive, welcoming resource for those in need," the Humane Society concluded.


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