Man treats stray cat to tasty meal from his store: "When she had a kitten, they came together"

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A man who owns a meat shop in Turkey decided to offer scraps of meat to any stray animal that would come on his doorstep. His kindness and love for all animals made him known for a lot more than profits.

The man has more than four decades of experience in his line of business, but it's his selfless actions that make the difference every day.

His first "customer in need' was a stray cat. She became a guest several times a day, and later, after she had her kitten, they came to have their meals together.

What are the details?

Ikram Korkmazer, 51, grew up in Manisa, Turkey, and started working in a meat shop more than four decades ago. Now he has 41 years of experience, and his kindness shines every time people get a glimpse into his love for all animals.

The man's store is called Yesim Meat Gallery, after the first stray cat, he ever fed from his counter. Today he offers meat to every animal that comes to visit his shop and has a loyal following on social media due to his compassion and goodwill.

Ikram still remembers how he met the stray cat that would change his business and the way he dealt with profits forever.

"She'd stand on two legs, then look at the meat on the counter, and ask for meat. She started to come to ask for food five or six times a day, standing on two legs. I was feeding her, and when she had a kitten, they came together to ask for food," Ikram shared with The Epoch Times.

Unfortunately, the cat got sick and passed away, but her kitten was a loyal "customer" at the man's store for several years. Other stray cats gradually followed their example and started coming by for tasty meals.

To honor Yesim's memory, Ikram will never refuse a hungry stray animal, and he is equally kind to cats and dogs.

"There would be 8 to 10 dogs and 7 to 8 cats a day, but only cats come in," Ikram said.

The man, who has three sons and two grandchildren, filmed the touching encounters when cats and dogs come to ask for a bit of kindness and receive yummy scraps of meat and posted them on social media. As more people were fascinated by the brave cats and dogs, Ikram's followers kept growing.

The online community around the world appreciates the man's kindhearted actions, and his coworkers, customers, and family members often get involved in serving the meals to the cats and dogs.

"Thank you for what you do for all these fur babies," one commenter wrote.

"God bless you for caring for them," was another reaction to the wonderful footage.
"When I watch your videos, I remember there are kind and good people left in the world. Thank you for that," another user said.

"Many, many blessings will befall you for looking after the Lord's creatures. They are precious to him."

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"Thank you for helping the helpless! May God bless you and them!"

"Thank you for your devotion to these little guys!"
"As always, you have a beautiful heart."

"You are such a sweet man. Much love and gratitude from them and me," an emotional comment concluded about Ikram's dedication and commitment to improving stray animals' lives, one meal at a time.

"I have instilled the love for animals in this world, and it makes me proud. I have 4 billion people watching my videos, and they are still watching," Ikram concluded, adding his motto is that love can overcome anything.


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