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Couple gets sandwiches, leaves highest tip in 20 years for waitress: "The kindness behind the money made my day"

Amy Christie

A waitress had a stressful day after she had struggled to find a babysitter so she could come and work that day. Unfortunately, no one was available to help her, and she had to wait for her older daughter to get home.

When she eventually made it to work, she truly hoped the day would turn out ok. As it happens, things improved a lot when she saw the tip a kind couple left her after getting some sandwiches.

What are the details?

Jennifer Vernancio lives in Cranston, Rhode Island. The woman is a single mom of two and has been working as a waitress at The Big Cheese & Pub for the last three years.

Last Wednesday, she had scheduled a work shift starting at 11 a.m. Jennifer had to come and open the restaurant, but she had a hard time finding anyone to sit with her toddler. Time passed, and still, no one was able to help. So, Jennifer waited for her older daughter to get home from school so she could watch over her little brother, according to Sunnyskyz.

By the time she arrived at the restaurant, ready to start working, she was hopeful that there was a chance her day could turn around.

Her first customers for the day were a man and his wife. They were very kind and talked to her while ordering some sandwiches.

"My first table for the day was a super, super-nice gentleman and his wife," the woman shared about what took place last week.

The man and the woman soon finished, paid their bill, and left the restaurant.

Up to then, nothing special seemed to have happened.

"The gentleman just looked over his shoulder and said, 'have a nice day.' I said, 'You too,'" Jennifer recalls.

As she went over to get the check, she looked at the tip. And she couldn't believe the amount they'd left her.

"I go over to pick up their check; I didn't even know then. They had left me a tip for $810. I'm like, are you kidding? It can't be happening. I took it to my manager, and at first, I was like, 'This can't be.' She's like, 'Oh no, that's it,'" the woman said.

Her manager talked to her about it, and they were both amazed at what the couple had done for the waitress.

"She came up to me; she was very taken back is the word I would use," manager Kim Tierney said about the wonderful surprise Jennifer got on that day.
"She's like, 'Kim, Kim; I don't know. Someone left me a $600 tip.' And I was like, 'Stop. Jen.' I pulled the paper out, and then I said, 'I have even better news for you; it's not $600; it's an $800 tip.' She was like, 'I'm going to pass out,'" the manager added about Jennifer's reaction to the thoughtful tip.

Jennifer has been working in restaurants for the past two decades, but this was the biggest tip she ever received. Even though she doesn't know the couple's names, she will always remember their act of kindness.

"To the gentleman and his wife who left that generous tip, I just want to thank you so much. It meant a lot," was Jennifer's message to the couple.

She also pointed out that while the money was obviously useful, the kindness that helped her smile again on that stressful day is a memory she will treasure for years to come.

Jennifer used the surprise tip to buy a toy truck for her son, a pair of shoes for her daughter, and to cover outstanding bills.

"The money is very much appreciated. It helps out no matter what. However, the kindness behind the money made my day. From going a little hectic to that kind of a tip made me smile the rest of the day," the mother concluded about the wonderful action that helped her stay positive and realize there is always a reason to keep on hoping.


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