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Ring bearer, excited to see mom on wedding day, walks her down the aisle: "Hey, mom"

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Kristie Mihelich decided to get married to the man she loved, and she included her little boy in the ceremony as the ring bearer. Her son was proud and so happy to be there for the wonderful location, but on seeing his mom show up all dressed in white, he just couldn't contain his excitement. He started running toward her for a huge hug and then made sure she arrived safely to meet the groom.

What are the details?

Kristie and the groom's family and friends were gathered together, waiting for the ceremony and the bride to arrive. Her little boy stood close to the groom, beaming and very happy to be encharged with an important responsibility for that memorable day, according to Sunnyskyz.

The wedding took place at Planterra Conservatory, a venue located in West Bloomfield Township, Michigan.

He was going to be the ring bearer. As he stood beside the groom, Kristie made her entrance. Everyone smiled, but her son got so excited he just had to run and meet his mom.

"Hey, mom!" the boy shouted as he went toward her. All the guests can be heard laughing and cheering him for his enthusiasm and affection.

The bride smiled and shed some tears as she hugged the little boy tight and gave him a kiss. He took his mom's hand and wouldn't let go, intent on making sure she made it safely down the aisle.

So, that's how Kristie ended up being given away by both her dad and her son. Her happy future husband waiting for the three of them completed the loving moment, and they all treasured the little boy's intervention.

The woman also shared the amazing moments on social media. "The sweetest moment in my life," she captioned the endearing video that will stay close to many hearts where pure love and affection can easily be seen on the day the couple joined their lives.

How did people take it?

The online community was deeply touched by the unique wedding and the love connection between the little boy and his mom.

"Nothing could be more precious than your son and father giving you away. It makes your wedding infinitely more special," one user wrote after watching the video.

"You look so beautiful; he's making sure his beautiful mom made it down the aisle safely," was another reaction to it.

"That gasp when your son sees you and then your groom's genuine, loving reaction as he watches your son is priceless. Such a precious way to begin your marriage! The three of you have hit the jackpot," another commenter wrote about it.

"That made me cry! So sweet, and you look beautiful! Congratulations darling, what a great moment in time, your little man walking you down the aisle, amazing," a different comment said.

"I am sitting in my car in a parking lot crying now."

"Most beautiful wedding. It made me cry, and the ring bearer ran to mom."

"I'm pregnant with my first, and it's a boy, so I totally cried watching this. What a precious moment. Your little man is the sweetest cutie pie!"

"Oh my goodness, that sweet little man is so cute."

"He said no one is giving my mom away but me! Love it!"

"As a boy mom, this could have wrapped up the event. No man will ever love us as our little boys do. This is so special. Congratulations on the wedding!" a touching comment concluded, showing once again how special it is to witness the pure delight and a love that can't be stopped by anything. The little ring bearer loves his mom like no other and will always look out for her.





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