Woman gets locked outside, tries to convince cat to open door for her: "You can do it, try"

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Bailey Rubal got locked outside the apartment she shared with her roommate, and there was no one else home except their cat.

So, the woman sat down and kept tapping lightly on the doorknob and encouraging the cat. She knew the kitty could do it and the little noises coming from behind the door showed that the cat was trying his best to let her in.

What are the details?

Once Bailey got back home, she suddenly realized she didn't have her key with her. As she sat in front of the door, she tried to come up with a solution to get inside. That's when she realized that someone was actually home. Her roommate's cat was there. So, it would only be a matter of her getting the message through and convincing him to open the door for her.

The woman kneeled down, back to the door, and started tapping lightly close to the doorknob. The kitty certainly listened because tiny noises could be heard from the other side of the door almost immediately.

Baily kept talking to the cat to get his attention but also to guide him as to what he needed to do.

She kept tapping around the keyhole, and she also pressed down the doorknob so the cat would realize the type of action he had to do. And all the while, Bailey spoke to the cat in a positive tone, always encouraging him, according to Sunnyskyz.

"Yes, you can do it. Just press it down," she said. The noises from the inside continued as a sign the cat was giving this a great deal of thought and didn't want to leave the woman outside.

She pressed the doorknob lightly two more times and then tapped a bit around it.

"Good one, keep trying," she said.

At that moment, the cat meowed a bit louder, and the woman replied, "Oh no, I know it's a bit tricky; you can do it, try," Bailey said.

And then, when she least expected it, the door opened, and the cat came to greet her. The little black cat came to see how she was doing, and Bailey was certainly surprised at what he had achieved on his own.

How did people react?

The special moments were posted on social media, and many people commended the kitty for his great work.

"I've honestly never been so impressed before in my life," a commenter wrote about the brave cat.

"He needed that little pep talk when he said he couldn't do it," was another comment about the difference Bailey's encouraging words made to the cat.

"Black cats are extremely smart. What a gentleman," was another take on it.

"I hope you gave him the biggest treat for that ."

"He said, 'get in here, girl, and don't make me do all that again.'"

"Hands down, this has got to be one of the best things I've watched. That cat deserves all the treats."

"Black cats are on another level. Mine opens our bedroom door if we go to bed too early, and he wants snuggles."

"The face: 'You're welcome!' His tail was a happy S to see you. Good boy."

"A black cat, say no more!! Very smart and just all-around lovely little creatures."

"This is absolutely amazing! Such a smart cat and, I'm sure, well-loved!" another user added on the thread.
"That's honestly amazing; at least you know that you are okay as long as the cat is home," was a different reaction.

"The sweetest, the best thing I have ever seen. I'm sobbing; we don't deserve animals. That's such a good kitty!" a touching commenter concluded about the cat that was there to help his roommate and has just learned a new skill.






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