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Toddler orders 31 burgers, adds generous tip: "He had half of one; we gave the rest to our neighbors"

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A little boy who lives in Kingsville, Texas, managed to have 31 burgers delivered to his doorstep. He got the burgers by accessing an app on his mom's phone, and he turned out to be a very thoughtful customer too. The toddler left the delivery driver a very generous tip.

What are the details?

Kelsey Golden, who is working from home and looking after her little boy, got an unusual notification on her phone last week, on Monday. Her DoorDash app said her McDonald's order was coming. However, right after the first message, she got a second one.

The app notified her that delivery might take a bit longer than it usually did just because of the size of her order. Kelsey didn't know what to make of it. She was sure she hadn't placed an order and the second message surprised her even more. Apparently, a large order she had no clue about was headed her way.

The unusual order had popped up because her youngest son, Barrett, had placed it, according to Sunnyskyz. The little boy had used his mom's phone while it was unlocked and somehow managed to go through with the order. He got 31 cheeseburgers from McDonald's.

"So, I was working, and I was using my phone, and sometimes, whenever I was on my computer and my phone, he'll come to grab the phone out of my hand. And he did. He generally likes to take photos of himself, so he was doing that. I thought I locked the phone, but apparently, I didn't," Kelsey shared.

The 31 cheeseburgers cost $58.59, but that wasn't the end of it. As it turns out, the toddler decided it was the right time to be generous, so he left a good tip for the driver too. The DoorDash app showed another $16.50 as a tip for the driver bringing the order.

Once the fees were added to top it all, Kelsey had to pay $91.70 for the whole order.

The toddler was curious to see the cheeseburgers when they got there, but there was no way he could have them all. So, he ended up eating almost half of one cheeseburger, and his mom shared the rest with their neighbors.

"He had half of one; we gave the rest to our neighbors," Kelsey added.

The unexpected treat made people who live close by exchange smiles, and this may well be an indication that the little boy will be giving great tips as he grows older.


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