Couple stays in love for 20 years by talking on the phone: "Our calls reconnect me to those first feelings"

Amy Christie

A married woman has her home far away from her friends, as she moved from the USA to Canada. Having so many loved ones at a distance, her phone has somehow become a love and friendship language for her.

And she and her husband also prefer to talk on the phone even if they live in the same house. The calls give them a chance to feel closer, away from distractions like kids playing, house cleaning, and daily errands.

What are the details?

The woman shared what it feels like to reconnect when you already have a family, with kids running around and playing.

Being in love is not so easy when you get a busy schedule, and there are so many things to fix. However, the couple is happy with one solution that works best for them.

"My kids are used to hearing my long phone calls. I'm an American living in Canada; I am far from my family of origin and childhood friends. However, that morning, I was talking to a fellow Canadian resident who lives with me: my husband. While I watched the kids in the yard, he was inside the house, and we were talking through our headsets," the woman recalls.

This was happening on a Saturday afternoon, and while the mother was pushing her baby in a swing and carefully watching over the other kids. The week had been overloaded with stress, and a heartfelt conversation was what she needed to feel reassured and positive again.

"Now that we have kids, my husband and I have our most fulfilling conversations on the phone. Sometimes we talk when he's on a break at work, but often we're both in or around our home and on the phone together," she continued.

Talking while not seeing the other person prevents distractions

The wife didn't give this habit of talking on the phone to feel close to her husband a second thought until she happened to see "Love is Blind" on Netflix. As she watched the contestants talk to each other while sitting in pods and communicating through a wall, she realized the point was not to get distracted. Focusing on someone else's voice gets rid of all other things that could impact communication.

"That's exactly why I love this habit we've developed. There are many distractions when we talk face-to-face: our kids, naturally, but our home environment is distracting too. My husband recently interrupted me while I was speaking to complain about the soap I had purchased. Annoyed, I complained he had interrupted me to complain. We had a laugh about it after that, but at the moment, it degraded the original conversation we were having," the woman added.

She also revealed that she's often just half-listening while in the middle of other housework tasks, such as cooking or tidying up.

"When my husband and I talk on the phone, however, our chat is separated from the general chaos of our household," she explained.

The phone makes it feel like the first time

The woman feels that having these talks on the phone is a way to remember the first dates they had before they had their own home and plenty of responsibilities to go with it.

"We didn't talk about soap back then, and I wasn't stressed about dirty dishes. We just talked about dreams and what we valued about each other. Seeing his name on the call display gave me butterflies, and 20 years later, his name on the call display still makes me very happy. I love how our calls reconnect me to those first feelings."

And there is something else that she finds in phone calls: affection and lasting friendship. The phone is her way of staying in touch with family and friends while far from her hometown.

"I have learned that a long, heartfelt phone conversation can be almost as fulfilling as hanging out. So, on a typical Saturday, you won't find my husband and me planning a date night, but you will find us with our headsets in our ears, talking to each other," she concluded.


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