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Horses and cherry blossoms seize tender emotions: "The eyes of a horse tell the complete story"

Amy Christie

A passionate photographer has found a great way to portray the romantic and pure nature of horses. Cherry blossoms bring out their strength and add a fleeting and delicate touch to springtime joy that brings positivity and sheer joy.

Jenna Vainionpaa lives and works in Sweden, and she started exploring photography more than a decade ago. Ever since she attended her first horse show, she decided horses would be her focus, and she set out to create unique art depicting their true nature.

What are the details?

"I started doing 'Under the Cherry Blossom' photoshoots during spring. The idea came from the inspiration that I found on the internet. We had six models on the first day and had the pleasure of capturing pink blossoms and a few unique white ones in the same place," Jenna shared with The Epoch Times.

And there is a special feature that's become a priority while taking the special photos.

"I love to work with their eyes; the eyes of a horse tell the complete story. Nature adds to each story, but my biggest goal and something I hope people can feel from my photos is the expression of a horse with a soul," Jenna explained.

Her business has kept growing from the first one-of-a-kind photo, letting her get more creative as she chooses mesmerizing themes around horses and cherry blossoms.

As she goes on working, Jenna creates stories and inspires thousands of people around the world with the fragrance that seems to drift out of each picture and beautiful glimpses of horses enjoying nature and the lovely scenes.

"Harsh sunlight is a struggle, especially with the pink flowers and where the horse can stand, but you can solve a lot with patience and hard work," Jenna said.

She has visited several locations with cherry blossoms in the past three springs and has completed about 20 photoshoots that made people dream while looking at each memorable image.

However, creating the exquisite world of horses and blossoms is not as simple as getting there and starting to take photos.

"While planning sessions, you always need to see if it's okay for the city or the landlord to bring in such a big animal. When you have permission, you can put pieces together. You also need to look up nearby parking for the horse trailer and make a safe trip to the location of choice. Most parks with cherry blossoms in Sweden are close to workplaces, schools, or roads, so it's not always a good time to visit. I choose either late in the evening before sunset or right after sunrise," she said.

The sessions are focused on the horses' "best side." Jenna is now very good at finding sound apps that can soothe horses, candy, hobby horses, or plastic bags as helpful props at different times during a session. She also constantly experiments with various angles and depths.

The photoshoots can take anywhere between 30 to 90 minutes. After she's done, editing is the next phase, and it can take just 5 minutes or several hours to get the final effects and see the beauty she endeavored to capture.

"Some photos have to wait, almost like a fine wine," Jenna said.

Jenna is a full-time photographer and a part-time customer support agent. She grew up around horses and was always fascinated by their elegance and loyalty. She is convinced that you can only work close to horses if you know them and have an intuition for what they need. And that's a skill she developed in her childhood.

"As an equine photographer, or for any other animal, we need more patience. We have to be able to read them and know how they work together with their owners. You need to know when to stop and what brings out the best in them. When I visit a new place, I often think of bringing a horse to the location," she concluded about the fantastic photo sessions that bring nature and horses closer, showing a connection between seasons, feelings, fragrance, emotions, tenderness, blooms, and cherished memories.




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