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Lilo, the husky, nurses Rosie, the kitty, back to happy times: "They love playing, napping together"

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A Siberian husky from San Jose first met a kitten while they were both in an animal shelter.

Their connection started out as a mother-daughter bond, and they have since become best friends.

Rosie, the kitty, was found ill and hungry on the streets of SanJose, and Lilo gave her care and affection so she could be healthy and happy again.

What are the details?

Rosie is a long-haired cat who had lost hope of a loving home while being left on the streets, sick and hungry, with no one to look after her.

The cat happened to pass by the nonprofit kitten rescue center Mini Cat Town. As soon as the cat showed up, Thi Bui, who is the center's co-founder, was touched by seeing her in such a bad condition and immediately took her in and started to take care of her.

"She almost didn't make it through the first night even with round-the-clock care. Our cute kitten was lethargic and limp," the center posted on social media about the tiny kitten that was trying so hard to feel better again.

At that time, Thi got the idea to introduce Rosie to a Siberian husky that was also staying there. The two of them were allowed unlimited cuddle time, and the dog decided to take on the role of a mother and nurse the kitten back to health.

Lilo surprised everyone at the center because the dog is usually very headstrong. However, on meeting the kitten. Lilo got very interested, and she hasn't stopped giving Rosie attention and love ever since.

"After they were put close together, Lilo was so attentive," Thi shared with The Epoch Times.

It took a few weeks of love and friendship for Rosie to recover, and after that, the two best friends would go everywhere together.

The tender care from Lilo made Rosie stronger, and she was soon strapped on a harness and taking her first walks in the neighborhood with Lilo.

Their bond grew closer, and Lilo and Rosie were never apart more than a few minutes at a time, always looking for each other if they weren't close by.

Seeing how deep their connection went, Thi decided to give them a forever home and adopted them together.

"It would have been very cruel to separate the love they had for each other," Thi recalls.

As time went by, Rosie made her personality known, and she's now a grown-up, curious, and playful cat. She always lets people know if she doesn't agree with something, and she warns them with her paws if needed. The intelligent kitty is never daunted by a new adventure, and her favorite buddy is still Lilo.

She wants to have a share in everything that's going on and will get upset if she can't join in on the fun.

"She doesn't like to be left behind and will vocalize her discontent if we leave her home," Thi said.

Lilo and Rosie have a unique friendship, and they feel like they're on their own team, not interacting with other animals in the house.

"They love playing, napping together, going on road trips, and they enjoy outdoor adventures together, such as hiking, paddleboarding, kayaking, road-tripping, and hanging their heads out the window during car rides," Thi added.

Lilo and Rosie's unlikely friendship came from a need for love, trust, and protection and has since blossomed and connected the dog and the cat for a lifetime of fun and heartwarming moments.

Thi documents their bond on social media and is convinced that their connection has changed many lives as people stop and react with positive comments every time they see Lilo and Rosie together. Their friendship also inspired many adoptions at the center, so Thi feels grateful to everyone who stepped in to offer a better life for every cat they take care of.

"Because of their bond, we were able to save over 1,200 kittens at Mini Cat Town, and now, we are getting ready to open our second adoption floor in the Bay Area. We feel so grateful and humbled for everyone's support in loving Lilo, Rosie, and all the rescue kittens at Mini Cat Town," Thi concluded.

Paying love and kindness forward always makes a difference, and seeing the power of feelings even when there are just no words to express them can make a difference and bring joy and thankfulness back to those searching for a purpose and new meaning to their lives.


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