Photographer captures last days pets spend with owners: "It's hard to let our beloved fur friends go"

Amy Christie

A photographer who lives in Michigan offers pet owners a chance to capture their last moments together when their best friends get sick. The woman set out to create free photoshoots for senior or very ill dogs, thus helping their owners commemorate their furry friends in a loving way.

The kindness she spreads has reached many people who wish to have lasting memories and always keep their pets close to their hearts, even when they can't be together anymore.

What are the details?

Julia Marie from Metro Detroit works as a full-time recruiter and teaches dance part-time. She spreads kindness to people with ill pets on the weekends by offering them free-of-charge photoshoots with their last memories together.

"A friend of mine reached out about her terminally ill dog and wanted some photos of him and her captured while he could still be in good spirits. After seeing how she reacted to her gallery, I decided that other pet owners might want this same service. I extended the opportunity to local community members," Julia shared with The Epoch Times.

Julia has two golden retrievers, Bonnie and Benny, and she always keeps in mind how much she loves them when she does the photoshoots and helps grieving owners get a chance to have one last fun time with their best friend.

She doesn't ask for any payment because she would rather have the owners use that money to cover medical bills or any medicine the dogs need, as well as "buy them some toys and treats to spoil them while they still can."

As she takes the touching photos, Julia captures the owners and their dogs while doing their favorite activities. It could be playing, cuddling together, or having a walk.

She revealed that the owners often experience strong emotions and can get overwhelmed by happiness and sadness at the same time. However, every time they see the final photo gallery, all the mixed-up feelings are invariably replaced by "such pure joy."

"To us animal lovers, our pets are just like our family, and they provide us with trust, everlasting love, and affection. It's hard to let our beloved fur friends go," Julia wrote on her website.

The shock of finding out that their pet is ill may make owners forget about creating final memories, but Julia makes sure that they get the opportunity to remember their best friends for years to come.

"Whether it be due to illness or old age, pet owners may not think about capturing the last memories they will ever have with their pet. That's when I come in," she added.

The woman uses the camera she received from her dad to capture the tender memories, and her photos don't just capture the owners who contact her. Julia shares the pictures on social media, and hundreds of people resonate with what she does.

She's received an "overwhelming amount of support and love" from users around the world ever since she began sharing the unique end-of-life galleries.

"I had a recent cancer scare for one of my dogs, Benny, so this series means a lot to me for being able to spread positivity and kindness to others during a difficult time in their lives. This started as a simple act of kindness and has since caught the media by storm," Julia said.

She is confident that she can make a difference in the way owners and dogs say goodbye, and if they can have a few last smiles and laughs together, her work is totally worthwhile and to be commended.

"One of my clients told me that 'kindness breeds kindness,' and if what I'm doing adds kindness and positivity in the world, then I have done my job well," she concluded about the wonderful opportunity to keep a pet close even once they have departed from your life.


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