Grandmother of 7 lifts weights, fixes street lighting: "I never officially retired"

Amy Christie

An 82-year-old grandmother has decided to enjoy every minute and not let time slow her down one bit.

Anne Leigh is a mom of two and a grandmother of seven who keeps fit and still works as an electrical contractor even though she reached retirement age over two decades ago.

She also enjoys boot camps, running marathons, digging trenches, and lifting weights.

What are the details?

The fit grandmother from Hedgerley Green, South Bucks, England, often goes out to fix fuse boards or street lighting despite being way beyond the age of retirement.

She can also be seen at 7 a.m., four days a week, lifting weights at a boot camp. She follows through with a casual run for 3 miles in her local park every weekend.

"I never officially retired and didn't even consider it when I reached 60," Leigh shared with The Epoch Times.

The grandmother has been happily married to Bernard, who is also 82, for 61 years. Her husband is just as active and is not considering any official retirement yet.

"I am currently helping my son, he has his own electrical business, and my husband still has his business. I can work about 18 hours each week, but I want to be sure I can fit in my exercise too," Leigh added.

She goes running three times each week, including her weekend park run for 3 miles. The active pensioner also joined a boot camp class when she turned 78.

"I love to exercise outside. Our one-hour session includes squats, weight lifting, star jumps, and sit-ups—you name it. And then I come home, and my son picks me up for work," Leigh explained.

Age was never an issue for her, and she doesn't feel like she has to give up on any of the things she likes just because time has passed and her age went along with it.

"I like to work out in a group—I'm the oldest by a few decades, but I love socializing. I never liked staying indoors. I don't want to slow down; I wouldn't listen to anyone if they told me to," the grandmother said.

Her active lifestyle has caused quite a few reactions, and while some people are supporting her, there have certainly been a few raised eyebrows.

"People are shocked when I tell them how old I am; I'm flattered when they guess 65," Leigh shared.

The fit grandmother likes to travel too, and she visited India and Ibiza recently. She received training as a shorthand typist and worked as a bookkeeper for a few years. In the 70s, she and her husband opened their own shop.

Leigh wasn't always this active, and running began playing an essential part in her life in her 40s. Since then, she's completed 1,800 races, 70 of which were marathons.

"I have done 20 London marathons, and I used to take part in three marathons a year, but I am not as fast as I used to be. Last month, I did a 10k in London; that was fun," she said.

When she isn't busy working or running, Leigh loves writing in her diary and doing some gardening.

"I wish to enjoy life while I can. We like family parties and festivals, and we go out a few evenings a week to watch tribute bands or the racecourse. I like to have a drink and go to a good party, and I never say, 'Oh, I'm too old for it,' even when I go buying glitter-heeled fashion boots," she concluded, showing everyone that it's the little things that matter.

Don't let age decide what you can or can't do; feeling happy every minute of every day is a choice and a wonderful opportunity to be content with everything you are and still have.


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