Dog in wheelchair guides blind fox for daily walks: "Make the most of each day just like Jack did"

Amy Christie

Ana Lapaz-Mendez works at a veterinary clinic in Watford, and as soon as she met Jack, they formed a wonderful bond. The little dog needed surgery and wasn't able to walk with his hind legs anymore due to inflammation.

When his owner passed away, the woman decided to give him a new home, so she took the brave dog and helped him stay happy and comfortable.

At the same time, she was also looking after a fox.

What are the details?

Pumpkin, the fox, arrived at the same clinic as the dog. She was blind and needed intensive care, according to Sunnyskyz.

"Pumpkin the fox arrived in a terrible state," Ana said.

While watching the frail fox making slow progress, the woman suddenly got an idea.

Ana wanted to help Pumpkin recover and have a joyful life again, so she thought the fox would be more intent on feeling better if she got a buddy. So, she brought Pumpkin home, where she got to meet Jack and Ana's other dog Croqueta.

All three became friends, but Jack and Pumpkin had a special bond that was easy to see.

One day, Pumpkin started behaving differently. Already recovered but still blind, the fox began chasing Jack all over the pace. As she followed the little dog in his wheelchair, it was clear the fox truly wanted to have a walk. Pumpkin used the sound from Jack's wheels, and that jingle guided her in taking her steps.

So, she followed him on every fun-filled walk and got to enjoy different seasons and holidays with her new best friend.

And Jack knew that he was responsible for the fox, too. That's why he stopped every time he felt Pumpkin couldn't keep up. He would turn around when he felt she was left behind and wait for her to catch up to him.

Each walk was filled with courage, as the little dog went forth undaunted by the times when his wheelchair turned over and made the fox go on exploring and enjoying their walks together.

Unfortunately, Jack's health deteriorated. As his condition got worse, Ana had no choice but to let him go.

"He was on extra mega extra time, but knowing this doesn't make the pain of losing him any more bearable. It's the price of love and a price I'm happy to pay for the fortune of having such an amazing dog being part of my life," Ana wrote on social media.

Pumpkin still looks around for her friend, even though he can't join her now. Croqueta has taken his place for walks, and they're starting to get along well.

However, Jack's place in the woman's heart can't be filled by anything else. She's grateful that they got to make endearing memories together and knows that the tiny dog could teach everyone a lesson about making the most of what you have and enjoying life just the way it is, with its trials, difficult moments, and rewarding fun times.

"When we lose a pet, the most natural reaction is to wish never to feel such pain again, but the only way to never feel such pain is to prevent ourselves from feeling such tremendous love and joy. This type of pain deserves to be honored and embraced because it only means how fantastic Jack was. I am happy to feel broken.

Many of you have been through this, and many of you know that at some point, you'll have to walk the path I'm now crawling in, but until then, make sure you make the most of each day just like Jack did. I miss him dearly," the woman concluded about the one-of-a-kind Westie that changed her life and brought back hope to Pumpkin.


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