Family takes home coyote puppy thinking they found a lost dog: "The baby is now recovering comfortably"

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A family who lives in Massachusetts thought they saw a lost puppy on the side of the road. At the time, they believed he was a dog, but it turned out he was actually a baby coyote in distress.

The coyote puppy got separated from his mom, and she couldn't be traced. So, he ended up wandering by himself on the side of a busy road when the family spotted him.

What are the details?

An Eastern coyote puppy was taken home by mistake when a local family believed they had found a lost puppy.

Once they discovered what had taken place, they called a wildlife center to make sure the little coyote would get all the care he needed.

"After realizing their mix-up, they called us to get assistance. We determined that there had been no potential risk, and we cleared him for care and were granted permission to rehab by Mass Wildlife," the New England Wildlife Center said, according to Sunnyskyz.

Even though he's been through so much, the little coyote is doing his best to stay healthy and get stronger every day.

"The baby is now recovering comfortably in one of our isolation wards but will not be on his own for long!" the Weymouth wildlife center wrote on social media, and the staff also revealed that he won't be on his own for much longer. He will soon get a sibling and have some fun playing and napping together.
"A foster sibling has just arrived, and they will soon be introduced. Once both pups have received their vaccinations, they will be raised together and will have a chance to grow up and gradually learn natural behaviors while living in our large outdoor caging. We will work hard to give them a natural upbringing as much as possible and will do our best to replicate the essential behaviors and all the skills that they would have learned from mom and dad," the rescue center added.

The center thanked everyone involved in giving the coyote a new chance for a safe life and a new family.

"We are grateful to every person taking time out of their day to go out and help wildlife when they are in need, but we also encourage people to call the appropriate resources before intervening; it can help keep all involved safe! We will keep you updated on their progress," the staff added.

Online users everywhere added positive comments on finding out about the happy ending. Many of them realized that there were risks involved for the family, but the little coyote was also endangered while walking alone on the side of the road.

Now that he's safe and cozy, about to meet a sibling, he brought plenty of smiles and good cheer.

"I can see why the people who found him thought he was a domestic puppy. Glad it all worked out for this cutie! Thank you for helping him," one user commented.
"Imagine their surprise when they found he was a coyote! Who could blame them? He is adorable! Thanks to all involved, he will get to live his life as he should," was another reaction on the thread.

"He's stunning!! What a beautiful pup. Good luck, little man!" another user added.

"So happy this little one was saved! And he has a chance at life! A heartfelt thank you to all who helped this cute little fellow" was a different take on it.
"He's adorable! I can see how they thought he was a baby dog," was another comment.

"What a lovely pup. I'm calling him Lucky."

"I would've mistaken it for a puppy as well, so cute. What a happy ending!"
"Thank you. God bless you for assisting creatures in need," a touching comment concluded.


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