Husband honors wife of 71 years with a dedicated page: "We have lots of kisses, every day, hugs and kisses"

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Geoffrey Walker, 91, is just as much in love with his wife as the day when they got married more than seven decades ago. The couple who lives in Leicestershire, England, is still living a unique love story, marked by devotion, commitment, and the will to never give up on each other.

The 91-year-old former construction worker and servicemember started a social media page in honor of his wife, letting everyone know what a caring person she is and how she always tries to help people the best way she can.

While documenting his wife's exploits, the loving husband unknowingly gave a window into their happy marriage and showed what it means to keep feelings alive and marriage going strong after so many decades together.

What are the details?

Pauline, 87, is the lucky lady who can be spotted while sipping tea, close to her husband, sightseeing local lakes, checking out castles dotting the English landscape, and enjoying the fragrance of wonderful rustic gardens.

Geoffrey created the page on social media just as a token of his love and didn't expect it to get many followers or even likes.

The couple has two sons, a daughter, and over a dozen grandkids and great-grandkids.

"But they don't all live near. I started to put little things that we were doing so they could all see. You know, keeping in touch, "Geoffrey shared with The Epoch Times.

The page didn't get noticed much for a while, but everything changed when a young woman who lives in the same village happened to see the touching posts and began sharing them. That's when the page became highly popular.

"In hardly any time at all, it had gone from a few hundred followers to 80,000," Geoffrey recalls.

And that number kept growing as new heartwarming posts drew more people close to the couple. As several people were affected by restrictions and had to spend more time at home, they kept coming back to Geoffrey's posts, and they found comfort when they saw his doting love for his wife. Since then, the social media page has got over 320,000 followers, and it's still going higher.

Pauline and Geoffrey's journey began when they first met at a "picture queue" that took place at a local cinema. That first look told them they would never be apart for long.

They met again at different village dances, and they got married in 1951. They have shared their lives ever since and seen happy times, struggles, some arguments, and an abundance of hugs and affection from each other.

"She's a very caring person, caring for other people," Geoffrey said about Pauline, who is always ready to support a neighbor in need or even strangers.

The seven decades of their marriage weren't always smooth, and they definitely knew their fair share of trials. Still, Geoffrey discovered the key to having a happy relationship along the way.

"We have bumps and scratches and all that sort of thing, but we put our back into it and get on with life. We don't have any serious arguments. As we're getting older, of course, it's getting easier," he added.

Pauline believes that the most important thing to having a long and joyful marriage is to "never go to bed on an argument."

For Geoffrey, the best way to avoid heartbreak is to be ready to apologize.

"When a gentleman asked me what my advice is, I said, 'You need to learn these five magic words: sorry Pauline, it's my fault.'"

Geoffrey also likes to watch tv shows about nature, and he's learned something unique from the way albatrosses behave, always returning to their nest each season.

"They're kissing and knocking beaks together all the time," he said on a funny note.
"We have lots of kisses, every day, hugs and kisses," he added.

The loving couple who enjoys life in rural England keeps posting and reaching more people all the time. And the fans they have are not after the latest trick or shocking things.

Geoffrey and Pauline have their very own audience made up of people who cherish love and the old-fashioned charm of marriage and home, the comfort of knowing you will never be alone once you've found the right person to protect and love for a lifetime.


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