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Horse reassures woman going through divorce: "I was hiding from my emotions, and Shiner felt that"

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Animals can get so close to their owners that they know how they feel and can resonate with them when they're sad, feeling lonely, upset, or grieving. That's what happened when a horse's owner was dealing with a divorce.

Shania felt upset and had no one to turn to during that hard time.

As the woman was moving out on that day, she just sat close to the horse. Shiner came to her and gently nudged her as she cried and let go of all the hurt feelings she had bottled up inside.

What are the details?

Shiner is a Chestnut gelding who is very close to understanding his owner's every emotion. And that's because they've been close for a long time, almost four years, according to Sunnyskyz.

And being friends with animals is an amazing thing, not just when you're happy but also when things get difficult.

So, when she was faced with a divorce, Shiner was the one the woman turned to for comfort. And the horse certainly felt that he needed to stay close and console Shania as best he could.

"I was going through the process of a divorce and was moving out that day," Shania shared on social media about that painful day that still stays with her. The only one who could make things a little better was Shiner.

Shania was sad and upset, but still, she didn't want to deal with those negative feelings. And that was when Shiner decided to help her feel better.

"I was hiding from my emotions, and Shiner felt that," the woman said about the touching moments when her horse tried to reassure her and make her understand that there is still so much to hope for even when a relationship ends.
"He just felt my pain and pulled me into his chest to let me cry it out, then reassured me with his nudges," Shania said.

The tiny nudges resembling hugs helped her pour her heart out, and she cried and was finally able to let the sadness disperse. It wasn't an easy process, but having Shiner by her side made all the difference.

That close connection with her horse helped Shania realize that not all was lost, and even though she felt hurt and upset, she could still be ok and have a good life beyond that relationship that didn't work out.

Dealing with divorce while having Shiner by her side changed the way she felt and encouraged her to stay positive no matter what happened.

The bond they share and their love connection went much deeper than any life circumstances. Shiner knew Shania cared about him, and he loved her unconditionally. No questions asked and no doubts or holding back. That's why she felt completely safe to cry it out with him, not ashamed or embarrassed to let go for a while and let emotions flow freely.

How did people react?

The touching footage was received with plenty of positive comments where friendship, understanding, and empathy showed that the online community values bonding with animals and the affection they give without restraint.

"Animals have bigger hearts than most humans," a user wrote after seeing the wonderful video.
"Horse was like 'ah, girl come here just let it out,'" was another take on it.

"So beautiful. Never saw something like this before!" another commenter wrote about it.

"Wish I had someone to comfort me like this" was a different reaction on the thread.
"Horses are incredibly in touch with human emotions, and they pick up on subtle signs of distress," one user added.

"The reason why animals can't speak is to show true love with affection. When words aren't needed," a user concluded about the loving way in which the horse comforted the woman.

"Horses can feel our emotions, and they are great at living in the present moment, so they can take our emotions from us and simply let go," Shania concluded.

The love and friendship between Shania and Shiner are unique, and they support each other all the time. Compassion, affection, and dedication don't come often, but once you have an animal's love, there's no need to worry or stress about ever losing it.

That's how Shania found a new meaning in her life and could feel positive again despite all the hurt she'd been through. Shiner showed her there were still so many good things waiting to happen if only she could give herself another chance.




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