Donkey Leroy can't help smiling at his new owner: "He has two horse brothers and a baby goat buddy"

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Leroy, the donkey, was recently rescued, and he's settling into his new home with other horses and goats. The donkey loves his owner unconditionally, and every time he sees her, they snuggle, and the donkey affectionately smiles at the woman, knowing there's no one else who will love him so much in the whole world.

Their connection gets stronger every day, and Leroy's smiles are wider now that he's comfortable and feels protected.

What are the details?

Donkey Leroy used to live at a petting zoo before he met his current owner. He's been rescued since, and the upbeat donkey had no trouble whatsoever in bonding with his new owner.

The first few times they met, they sat together on the pasture, and the happy donkey just laid close to the woman who gave him a new home and so much affection.

He's moved in since and is now settling in and making friends. He gets along particularly well with horses and a baby goat.

"He has two horse brothers and a baby goat buddy!" his owner shared, according to Sunnyskyz.

However, the cuddle times he shares with the woman are a great source of smiles. They both grin happily, and it's like there is no one else besides them in the whole world when they snuggle and lie all cozy on the grass.

The owner revealed that Leroy likes to "put his head on my lap," and then they exchange smiles that just get wider by the minute.

As the woman caresses him, the donkey keeps on smiling, and he feels he is cherished.

Having his forever home helped him get rid of any anxiety, and he's now adjusted to living close to other animals. He knows the woman won't leave him, and he learned how to share hugs and love with her and all the other animals living with him.

How did people react?

The touching video of the owner snuggling with the smiling donkey was posted on social media, and many users stopped by to add positive comments and see how unconditional affection unfolds.

"They look so happy together; priceless moments," one commenter wrote.

"He has such a pretty smile," another user said.
"That smile is just the sweetest thing I've ever seen!" was a different reaction to the footage.
"He's so cute! I love him! Donkeys have amazing hearts; what a blessing," was another take on it.

"That is so sweet and precious. Here is the picture of donkey bliss. I love that smile," another user added to the thread.

"It's so funny how he likes to cuddle with that smile on his face!" one commenter said.

"I wish I had those teeth - they're beautiful!" was a funny reaction.

"I can't believe how much this adorable donkey is smiling, love his cute teeth, and actually loving the attention and friendship from his human friend. This is so wonderful to look at. What a wonderful moment," a user concluded about the beautiful footage that only love could bring about.

This adopted donkey found his parent after four years, and now he keeps smiling because he understands how much it matters to have a home and to let love take its course every day. Fun times and trials are all met with so much positive energy because the upbeat donkey won't let his owner get cross or sad.


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