Older brother upset with new puppy softens when little one can't get downstairs: "He realized he wasn't being replaced"

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A golden retriever didn't know what to think when his parents brought home a new puppy one day. His little brother didn't get much affection from him for a good while, but the older dog eventually came round when the puppy needed extra paws to make it downstairs.

As soon as the puppy got stuck at the top of the stairs, the big brother went to help, and he protected and helped him learn how to get back down.

What are the details?

Diane Newton, who lives in Toronto, Canada, felt that Sterling, her golden retriever, needed a playmate after she saw him lie around bored each time they came back from a morning walk. So, she found Collin, and the puppy joined their family.

What she didn't expect was Sterling's reaction, though.

"I can't say Sterling was too happy when we first brought Colin home," Newton shared with The Epoch Times.

Not being the only pet affected Sterling, and he got confused and even avoided having anything to do with Colin.

"He was the only child, and he was used to getting all the attention. Colin tried his best to interact, but Sterling was having none of it; we were worried if we'd done the right thing," the woman explained.

Fortunately, their friendship was meant to last even if it got a difficult start. Things changed completely one morning when Colin got stuck at the top of the stairs. The puppy was scared to go down, and he didn't know what to do.

Sterling immediately sensed that the little one was worried, so he ran over to give the puppy some paws help.

The older dog climbed up the stairs and met the little brother. He gradually taught Colin how to come down, one step at a time, while constantly shielding him from falling.

Newton was very touched by those moments and pointed out that the bond they formed that day was a permanent one.

It came naturally, and the two brothers have been getting along great since then. Colin looks up to Sterling, and there are plenty of fun times, dances, and cuddles.

"We did our best not to force Colin on him, and it finally worked. He warmed up to him a lot more once he realized he wasn't being replaced. They are firm buddies now and love to play, wrestle, and even cuddle together," the woman said.

Sterling, who is "calm and loving," is now excited to spend time with his brother. They play together, run, go hiking, and snooze close to each other at the end of the day.

"They're both typical retrievers. They love to carry things around the place and to greet family members with an old object; it's usually a sock or a shoe, sometimes a toy," Newton said.

And each one has funny habits that make starting the day a one-of-a-kind experience.

"Sterling makes such cute noises when he does a stretch, and Colin does his 'spinning dance' when he feels ready for his breakfast," the woman added.

Newton revealed she is a "full-time dog mom," and she's set up social media accounts for both dogs. She loves to document all their adventures and the way they grow closer to each other constantly.

Sterling and Colin have their own followers, and many people enjoy seeing their habits and big hugs just to take a break from hardship and get a chance to smile for a few minutes.

"The response was overwhelmingly positive. People have loved watching Colin grow and their relationship blossom," Newton concluded.

If she ever doubted bringing Colin into her family, the way the two brothers have bonded certainly showed her that a rough start could make for a wonderful life together.






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