Homeschool mom honors faith and reconnects with kids: "The influencers we need are families"

Amy Christie

Deciding to homeschool was not an easy choice for JerriAnn Webb and Matthew "Matt" G. Webb. However, the couple knew that it was the right decision to strengthen their bond and see their kids thrive while learning new things and keeping up the faith.

The parents knew that they would probably have to face a very different way of life, including occasional mud-clad adventures, but they felt they were ready for it.

The couple is passionate about helping other people, and they do it with "purpose and hope" while supporting the importance of families and the love that blossoms in each one.

What are the details?

"We believe decisions that are worth doing will always require sacrifice and investment. The most beautiful thing on the planet is a healthy family, and families are the glue that holds society together. Society crumbles when families are fractured," JerriAnn shared with The Epoch Times.

And it was because they felt so strongly about the need to cherish and protect families that they were drawn toward homeschooling.

"There's much confusion today about identity and family. I believe learning happens best at home. Homeschooling lets the parent establish a foundation of identity that is based on biblical truth. Parents then raise strong children who in turn raise stronger children," the mother explained.

The parents wanted to see their kids happy, to have them running around, playing, testing limits, and constantly learning in an interactive and unrestricted way.

"I tried to reconcile seeing them run with abandonment through our yard to sitting inside a plexiglass bubble. Children need the freedom to test the limits and laugh and play. Matt and I made the decision to homeschool to protect their childhood," JerriAnn said.

The Webbs gradually reordered their priorities, changed their schedules, and restocked their library. They had the backing of other close family members, and they dived right into homeschooling. And they've never had a reason to look back. The couple is determined and enthusiastic about their life and wouldn't want to have it any other way.

"Homeschooling has changed our whole family for the better. Academically, our children excelled in each subject. Emotionally, they are at rest as we create a culture of peace and joy in our home," JerriAnn explained.

A school day begins at about 9 a.m. and goes on until 3 p.m. During this time, the Webb household organizes Bible study, prayers, recess, language, arts, reading, mathematics, history, science, and music. There are also occasional chess games when time allows.

Beyond the subjects taught, the family gets to spend quality time together as they do gardening, cook meals, go about exploring nature, read on the couch, play outside, or try other extracurricular activities.

The kids love having their parents close, and they definitely are their favorite teachers.

JerriAnn encourages them to read books that show compassion, empathy, hard work, and talk about deeper issues in life. The mother feels that through homeschooling, she is making sure her family stays connected, and the kids are growing up with balanced personalities, always knowing who they are and what they stand for.

"We are simply not in a hurry. And when you're not in a hurry, connection happens," she added.

A healthy culture inside the family is essential for JerriAnn, and it all comes down to honor and trust.

"Family is God's idea. God's design. The first institution that God created was the family. What if the influencers we need are families?" the woman said.

While it has certainly not been easy to adjust to being both a role model and a teacher, JerriAnn admits there is joy in the difficult times. Even when "mommy makes mistakes," they turn into valuable opportunities to show her kids they can learn from a failure and that they should always be ready to show kindness and forgive.

"Being able to live this in the routine of daily life with my children has not always been easy, but it's been a gift. Homeschooling reinforces the home as the center of great learning, faith, and connection, and not merely a place of consumption. Kids need to learn that their lives are a big deal. God has created them for a purpose," the mother concluded.


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