Mom makes rides safer for kids with car seat coats: "This has taken away all of my worries"

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A mother of three from New Hampshire has created special coats to make each car ride fun, safe, and so much easier for kids and their families.

Dahlia Rizk, 47, first dived into passenger safety issues for kids when she found out that kids aren't supposed to wear puffy coats under their car harness. She set out and did her own research and came up with unique coats to solve the issue and protect kids while they're in the car with their families.

What are the details?

"When you have a child in the car seat, they've got their harness on. It should be right on the chest and shoulders," Rizk shared with The Epoch Times.

However, puffy coats placed between the harness and the child reduce effectiveness.

After learning about the risks, Rizk made it a habit to take off her daughter's coat before buckling her in the car. However, it was a struggle each time, and one day she realized it would be so much easier to have a harness that could be buckled without messing with the coat.

As she tried to convince manufacturers to make her coats, the mother met with apathy and lack of interest.

"Nobody thought it was a problem," she said.

So, she put aside her ideas for a while and focused on raising her kids since no one seemed willing to help.

But one day, she saw a mom who struggled with her child's jacket and the harness and made up her mind to try again. Even though no factory was onboard with the initiative and she had no established pattern, the mother took to social media with a sample of her idea. She and her nephew showed how the special coats would be used, and "people went crazy."

@bucklemebabycoats this audio is too much fun which one did you see first (also all jackets should be designed for car seats) #mamatoker #toddlertoker ♬ We Dont Talk About Bruno But Theres A Platypus - David T. Simon

As she kept looking for a factory that would make the coats, she received a lot of orders.

"It was all very fast. Since then, the demand for Buckle Me Baby Coats has been nonstop," she said.

What makes the coats so useful?

Most coats will buckle or have a zipper right in the middle. A Buckle Me Baby Coat is made in a different way since it opens on the side, and the shoulder seams are placed further on the shoulder than for regular designs.

This way, the front panel of the coat can be easily unzipped and opened so the car harness will sit on the shoulders and chest and be more effective.

An additional improvement is that a Buckle Me Baby Coat has less padding on the back compared to the front, so the car seat harness can stay on the same settings whether the child is wearing a heavy coat or not.

So, kids don't need to be cold on their way to the car, and they can have their coats on and stay warm all winter. Parents won't need to struggle or get stressed about getting kids' coats off once they're seated in the car.

"I dream of one day when parents won't need to look at their kids' warm winter coat as a childhood danger," the mom posted on social media.

So far, many parents have gotten excited about the coats. Rizk said that those who reached out to her loved the results, and she's got hundreds of positive comments.

"Everything about these costs is genius, and you really thought of everything, but the best part for us is how easy they are to use! In and out of the car seat super fast with little to no fuss," a commenter wrote.

"How easy they are! The Velcro is genius from both an ease of use and safety perspective!" was how another parent felt about it.
"These coats have made my life so much easier," was another take on it.

"They're so cute; this has taken away all of my worries," a user wrote about the new type of coats that are getting more parents interested every day.

"It's such a blessing I can help people," the mother added.
"The first year, I was shipping everything out of my kitchen. I was maybe selling ten coats a day, and I thought that was cool," Rizk recalls.

Now she's shipping clothes to stores worldwide, and they're available on several online shopping websites.

"It's grown more than I ever imagined," Rizk added, hoping that one day she can reach every corner of the world to help kids stay warm and prevent mishaps during car rides.

"I know parenthood is hard. We're working or staying home with the children, and there are so many things to juggle. I don't think moms should have to worry about their child's winter coat," she explained about her motivation to keep on making the unique coats.

Rizk also understands that there are parents out there who can't afford to buy the winter coats, so she set up a "trade-up program." Parents who live in the United States can send gently used coats, and they will get a $15 discount they can use toward purchasing a new coat at Buckle Me Baby Coats. All the used coats will be given out to children in need.

"My mission has always been to make winter car seat safety easier for parents," the mother concluded.

What do you think of these coats? Would you get one to keep kids safe at all times during car rides?


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