Parrot makes friends with puppy, tells him "I love you" every day

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A parrot who found her home with a fourth owner after a difficult life couldn't help falling in love with the family's puppy, who lived in the same house. Their bond turned into a lifetime friendship once the bird started telling the puppy, "I love you," every time she got a chance.

The unlikely friends spend their days playing and napping together as they warm the hearts of thousands of people who get the chance to see them.

What are the details?

Wendy Albright lives in Idaho, and she's sharing the trusting bond between Sweet Pea, her umbrella cockatoo parrot, and Copper, a black Labrador retriever puppy who just can't get enough of each other.

"I was cradling the puppy and told Sweet Pea she should tell him she loved him, and of course she did … she felt a mothering instinct over him," the woman shared with The Epoch Times.

Albright works in accounting, and the first time she filmed her puppy and the parrot together, she got millions of people watching them on social media.

Since then, they have only grown closer and more loving toward each other.

"When Copper was little, she was petting him, cuddling, and stealing his toys. I think the cutest thing is that when the puppy would go in his crate for a nap, she would bring all his toys and then pile them in front of the entrance. She tried to get him to wake up to come out and play," Albright recalls.

And the parrot's love has certainly found the right answer. The puppy loves her just as much and wouldn't want to be parted from Sweet Pea.

"She sat on him when he was young, and he liked the warmth," Albright said.

The woman is convinced that this unique friendship helped many people see past stressful times and smile more despite the trials they had to go through. And there were also times when people recognized her on the street and asked her how the two friends were doing.

"I'm often at the grocery, and strangers ask me how Sweet Pea is doing and stop their day to tell me they love watching her videos," Albright added.

She always wanted to have a parrot, and as soon as she saw Sweet Pea in an advertisement on Craigslist for $1,000, she didn't think twice. The transition to her fourth home wasn't an easy one for Sweet pea, but Copper helped the parrot get more comfortable and realize this truly was her forever home.

"Sweet Pea had four owners, and the changes in her life resulted in anxiety. She pulls her own feathers out, which is what parrots do to cope. Unfortunately, although many of her feathers have grown back since I adopted her, her left wing was badly damaged, and it cannot heal," her owner explained.

To help Sweet Pea stay happy and content, Albright doesn't travel as often as she used to, and the joy they share is totally worth it.

Sweet Pea gives the wake-up call for everyone at 8 a.m., and she's ready to chat, fly, or snuggle with her owner. She plays with her favorite puppy and has his toys ready when he wakes up to. The parrot carefully brings the puppy's favorite Lego bricks and wooden blocks, and she supplies measuring spoons or other useful household items to her owner.

Copper is very attached to the parrot, and they love to be together as much as they can. Bedtime is a favorite moment for both since they get to be on their owner's shoulder in a heartwarming group cuddle.

Each day brings new games and fun, and above all, Sweet Pea and Copper know they have each other, and they won't ever be alone again.

"They look lovingly at each other, and Copper stands by her side, jumping up and down and wagging his tail at her." And Sweet Pea immediately starts flying and running in circles full of excitement.


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