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Mother cat looks after abandoned kitten: "Mama Mushu has another dumpling"

Amy Christie

A mother cat was taking care of her little kittens at a rescue center in Austin, Texas. As soon as a little one got there, she didn't think twice.

The cat took careful steps to meet the new kitten, who was found all alone, and then took over and decided she could be his mom too.

What are the details?

Mama Mushu is currently living at Austin Siamese Rescue. The center is located in Austin, Texas, according to Sunnyskyz. The cat has her own family to look after, with tiny kittens always getting hungry.

However, when the center took in a small kitten that was found abandoned, the workers thought it would be a great idea just to introduce him to Mama Mushu.

As it turns out, the mother cat's love wasn't limited to her own kittens. At first, she cautiously approached to see what was moving under a blanket, but then the cat gradually got more interested.

Beyond curiosity, she recognized a kitten in need of love and protection.

So, it only took a few seconds for Mama Mushu to make up her mind. She took the kitten and carried him close to her other little ones.

"We took in this kitten that was found by himself, and she immediately accepted him," one of the workers said.

So, the cat adopted the kitten called Shrimp, and now he has a new family and little siblings too.

"Mama Mushu has another dumpling," was the heartwarming comment after the cat started looking after little Shrimp.

The kitten was distressed when he arrived at the rescue center. Since he was out on the street, he was scared and was shaking because of the cold wind.

"He was so cold when we got him, but she knows what to do," a worker explained.

Indeed, Mama Mushu carried the kitten and set him down close to her little ones. They all cuddled up together, and then Shrim started getting comfortable, feeling warm and loved once again.

After warming up, it was bath time, so Shrimp ended up having some milk and looking his best.

"Now Shrimp has a new family," the worker concluded, showing that love can be felt in all shapes and sizes. The mother cat adopted Shrimp and looked after him when he was so tiny and trembling.

Shrimp is out from the cold and back to having a mother and siblings. Now the kitten has all the reasons in the world to be purring contentedly. Hopefully, they all get a forever home together.


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