70% of Americans think their mom is their best friend: "Let's have Mother's Day every day"

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People may stay or go from your life, but you can always count on your mom. 7 in 10 Americans chose their mom as their best friend in a recent survey.

The love and dedication moms constantly show also guided 86% of respondents to say that women are the most hardworking people they have known.

What are the details?

OnePoll conducted the survey on behalf of Angara, and it gathered responses from 2,000 adults, according to Good News Network.

When asked how they would like to show they value the women in their lives who are moms, three in five respondents said, "Let's have Mother's Day every day."

86% of the interviewed people also said women are the most constant workers they have ever seen, and 69% feel that moms don't get credit for all their struggles and hard work.

When it came to best friends, 7 in 10 Americans (70% of respondents) agreed that moms are the ones they could talk to about anything.

63% of them were convinced their mom could take on any challenge and come out winning with grace and resolve.

How much would people spend on a special gift?

The average amount the respondents stated they would spend on getting their mom a gift for her special day was about $300. The present would be meant to show how much they appreciate everything their mom does for them, but two in three respondents also said that you don't need to spend a lot of money just to show you love your mom.

The survey uncovered that Mother's Day is an important date for the respondents since 84% of those who get gifts will make it a shopping priority every year.

How much does it matter to see your mom smiling?

A lot. The reaction they get from their mom is a decisive issue when taking the time to go and choose the right gift.

82% of respondents love seeing their mom brighten up and start smiling while unwrapping her present on Mother's Day.

Is it easy to find the right present?

It can get tricky at times, but 64% of the interviewed people were confident they could nail it and get something their mom would truly enjoy as a gift.

And it's not always about guessing either. 76% of respondents admitted they made sure they were on the right track by asking their mom what they would like to receive.

Excitement does get in the way sometimes, so three in four survey takers revealed that they take extra precautions to hide the presents before the date comes so their mom could enjoy her surprise at the right time.

What are the most-wanted gifts for Mother's Day?

The following present ideas made it to the top list in the survey:

  • household items such as wine glasses or even a TV
  • tasty gifts like chocolate, candy, or fruit arrangements
  • personalized presents such as blankets or photo frames.

74% of moms admitted that they do try and avoid mishaps from kids or partners by actually dropping hints about what they would like in advance.

While weighing in on the type of presents they loved most, 82% of moms said it makes a difference to get a present from their partner or their children.

How important is a mom's personality when it comes to gifts?

It can make all the difference.

"Foodie moms" prioritize edible items for Mother's Day but wouldn't mind receiving a gift certificate to get some of their favorite treats.

"Soccer moms" will almost always let people know what they would like to receive (96% of the time). They like homemade presents and household items particularly.

"Wine moms" also love homemade gifts with a heartfelt touch or yummy presents.

"When it comes to getting a gift a mom is going to love, personalization is key. A custom piece always feels more thoughtful to let them know that you're always thinking of what they want and what's best for them," Ankur Daga, who is the CEO of Angara, said.

What were some of the best presents moms remembered?

Having dinner made or the whole house cleaned ranked high in the list of previous presents. Handwritten poems and a "beautiful yellow vase that contains porcelain roses" were also among fond memories of the day.

Even though 62% of moms admitted that they had got a present they pretended to like in the past (like plants, dish towels, or flaps for their car), 88% said that they value the intention more than the present itself.

They will always appreciate whatever their partner or their kids offer them on Mother's Day.




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