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Man leaves note and surprise tip for delivery driver: "This is proof mom is still watching over me"

Amy Christie

A delivery driver got a heartwarming surprise when he arrived at one house on his route. As he stopped and brought the box up the steps on the porch, a pink side table with a special note and a box with a surprise was waiting for him.

Even though he's just lost his mom, the driver felt comforted by the wonderful gesture that will help him smile and stay on top of his bills for a while.

What are the details?

A man decided it was time to show his gratitude to the driver who always brings his packages. He lives in Italy, and the delivery driver was close to tears when he got to see what was waiting for him on the porch.

"I left the delivery driver a thank you note and a surprise; the ending shocked and changed my life forever," he said, according to Sunnyskyz.

The touching moments were posted on social media, and thousands of people got to see how much kindness matters. Good deeds can change someone's life in a few seconds, and you never know what they might be struggling with.

As soon as he parked the car, the delivery driver headed up the steps and got to the porch. As he was getting ready to set the box close to the front door on the doormat, he suddenly spotted the little pink side table.

First, he took the envelope lying on the table, opened it, and read the thank you note from the customer. After that, he leaned down and took the little box that was close to it.

As he opened it, he found money for his tip, a lot more than he expected. There were several notes inside, and the driver just couldn't believe that he had received so much kindness in one go.

What happened next?

This was not a regular day, and the driver himself was a special person who wanted to show how much he appreciated the token of goodwill from the customer. So, he started looking for the security camera and then used sign language to say, "I love you," "Thank you," and "love." All of it happened while the driver was crying.

Then he said, "Sorry, I'm deaf. You have no idea what you have just done for me. I just lost my mom a few days ago, and this money is going to help pay for those bills," the driver said.

Then he went on to point out that this was a way for him to be able to go on, knowing his mom will always love him and that she isn't gone forever.

"Thank you so very much. This is proof mom is still watching over me," the driver said.

How did people react?

The emotional video got almost 8,000 likes and hundreds of positive comments. Many people were close to tears themselves while watching the footage.

"Made me cry so emotional. God bless you for helping that person. You're going to get more blessings. I send that driver a hug after losing his mom. Rest in peace," one user wrote.
"There are some good people still around," was another take on it.

"This is heartwarming and so touching," another commenter felt about it.

"This made me cry. You are truly a blessing," another user added to the thread.
"Thank you for giving us some faith that humanity still exists. Really beautiful," was another positive reaction.

"You are an amazing person. I lost my daughter last year, and when you lose somebody that you love, you don't know if anybody really cares, and then you truly care, and this was such a great thing to do," a commenter concluded about the wholesome gesture that made the driver realize that he wasn't alone.

Even when you're grieving, you can always meet kind people ready to help and support you in those hard times. And if you pay it forward with acts of kindness of your own, you will never be without a friend and a helping hand to guide you and lift you.


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