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Little girl races to hug brothers as they get off school bus: "Proud to see their little relationship bloom"

Amy Christie

Brittany Muddamalle, 32, and her husband have done their best to raise their kids to look out for each other and pay attention to little details. And what took place as the older brothers came back from school certainly shows that all their efforts paid off.

As Emelia was waiting for them, she spotted the school bus, and then a race for hugs started that made everyone smile, even from miles away.

What are the details?

"The bus was actually late on that day. All of a sudden, she saw the bus come and the lights coming on, and the second she did, she just started toward it," Muddamalle shared with The Epoch Times.

The mom from Charlotte, North Carolina, filmed the touching moments that followed and shared on social media the joy of sibling bonds and how her kids connected to each other in trust and happiness.

Emelia ran to meet her brothers Liam, Lucas, and Levi. The moment the three boys spotted the toddler, they also hurried to meet her in a huge hug.

As they happily raced toward each other, the boys shouted, "Emmy! Emmy!"

And the moment they were reunited was filled with smiles and joy, plus hugs that looked like they wouldn't ever end.

"One of the things that we work on as a family constantly is just love. I was just so proud to see their little relationship bloom," their mom said.

Before this touching day, Emelia was always a bit confused when the brothers she loved so much hopped on the school bus and seemingly left her on her own for a few hours each day.

"She just looks at them like, 'Why are you leaving? I am right here. Why am I not coming with you? What is happening?'" Muddamalle recalled laughing.

And when she came back home with her mom after waving at the boys and the bus, Emelia would call up the stairs, checking if her brothers might still be around somewhere.

Muddamalle and her husband made it a priority to teach all their kids to love each other.

"If you're the older sibling, you have a lot of responsibility to your younger siblings. And we've always taught them that. Your younger siblings will be looking up to you; you have a special spot in their life. And I think for them, it's just gotten to the point where they realize it, and they see it," the mother explained.

Muddamalle posted the heartwarming footage of the siblings' hugs close to the school bus on social media, and it only took 20 minutes to get a flood of likes, comments, and so much positivity and goodwill.

"This is so sweet. What a great love they have for each other," one user wrote on seeing the video.
"This video makes me smile so wide every time I watch it!" was another take on it.

"So sweet! This is how big brothers are supposed to be," another commenter wrote.

"Every time I see this, my heart feels such warmth!" was how one user felt about it.
"How precious! This is pure love; it brought tears of joy here. Stay richly blessed, beautiful children. God bless," a touched user said.

The wonderful words from people around the world inspired the happy mother.

"It was so beautiful, people everywhere commenting. You know what? Love. Love can bring us all together," she concluded about the amazing lesson that can be seen unfolding in those tiny hugs. Love, affection, support, trust, comfort, and protection all in one happy embrace.






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