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Rabbit finds his way to supermarket dinner

Amy Christie

A Colorado Springs store just got a new and unusual customer. A bunny was caught while having dinner in the plants' sections at Walmart and checking out the place in case he wanted to be back for breakfast or lunch.

All in all, the bunny looked pleased, so the quality check on the plants must have been satisfactory.

What are the details?

Walmart got a brand new customer, furry and curious, who felt like dinner might be waiting over there. And it turns out he wasn't wrong. The bunny came for a bit of shopping, and he managed to get his dinner right there, between the plants.

He was caught on camera as he was enjoying some particularly yummy leaves, but still, he didn't look like he would give up the meal anytime soon.

The footage was shared online, and a wave of positive reactions greeted the plucky rabbit who dared to go shopping for his dinner.

"I saw a rabbit eating some plants at the Walmart Garden Center. After I took the video, I left him there to finish his snack," was the caption for the wholesome video.

"What a smart little fellow. I hope he gets his belly full," a user wrote after seeing the rabbit.

"Rabbit - unlimited buffet? No way!" was another reaction to the video.

"That rabbit is like: 'Don't mind me, I'm having dinner, sir,'" was another take on it.
"Look at those little eyebrows! He looks like he has an attitude. I love him," a touched user commented.

"Another satisfied customer; he can't wait to tell his family and friends (shop and eat what more do you want)," was a funny reaction on the thread.

"So sweet, I love this; he's so precious," a commenter added.
"He also has that look in his eyes like, 'Hmmm, where can I hide, so no one sees me? This place is a gold mine!!!" was another comment on the thread.

"He's just testing the products to make sure they're only selling top-quality products. I think it's quite genius and cost-efficient actually," another user added.

"That's the look of, 'Mind your business, sir, I'm hungry," a commenter wrote about the bunny.

"Walmart: 'Can we see your receipt?'" another reaction came.
"I will pay for that. Send me the bill. He is so cute," a user wrote.

"He's staring at you like, "you better not tell," a commenter felt about the way the bunny was looking while being filmed.

"Broccoli Lieutenant: The Halls of Walmart,' a funny comment concluded the positive and uplifting thread.


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