Grandmother puts out rules for funeral: "You can cry, but not too much"

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A grandmother has decided that she should set the rules for her funeral in time, just in case. It may be a while now, but the grandma wouldn't want to be caught unprepared.

So, she went ahead and set out the tone for the ceremony and how everyone should behave when it happens.

What are the details?

A 92-year-old grandma has thought about the rules that should be applied to her funeral. The hilarious directions were posted on social media, and thousands of online users reacted to the funny scenario.

Thee's no telling when the funeral could be, but Grandma Droniak wanted to be sure everything would work out just the way she would want it.

"Won't be any time soon, but don't forget it," she pointed out, according to Sunnyskyz.

What are the rules?

The first one is about crying. Of course, the grandma understands people might feel sad when she passes away, so she won't rule out crying completely. However, too much of it is no go.

"You can cry, but not too much. Don't make a fool of yourself," Grandma Droniak said.

Then the people attending should also be carefully scrutinized, especially one person who she doesn't want to come.

"Bertha is not invited, don't let her in," the grandmother warns.

The third rule suggests that it's ok to have a drink after it's all said and done. So, the grandmother would appreciate it if everyone coming to the funeral did just that.

How did people take it?

Her video got over 6 million views and 53,000 comments. Many online users were curious about what Bertha could have done to get herself permanently banned from coming to the funeral.

"You got it. But please, I need a storytime on Bertha," one user wrote.

"Whatever Bertha did, I'm on your side Grandma," was another reaction to the second rule.

"These are my rules too. I don't know who Bertha is or what she did, but I don't want her there," a supportive online user added.
"Spill the tea on Bertha," a commenter encouraged her.

"Bertha at the church door: let me in!" was a different take on it.

"You remind me of my grandma so much; she also had a Bertha," a commenter shared on the thread.
"Love you, nanny," a touched commenter wrote.

"So lucky I'm not named Bertha," another funny comment came up.

"Grandma, you are a vibe! Period," a commenter concluded on the funny thread.


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