Billboards turned into shelters for stray dogs: "A home for the homeless"

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A man who lives in Thailand has come up with a practical shelter that can be used to help stray dogs stay safe. The foldable shelter is made out of recycled billboards, and the first batch is already in use.

The content dogs can be seen relaxing and feeling protected now that they can get some defense from the wind and the rain.

What are the details?

Ajarn Yossaphon Chanthongjeen came up with the idea for the shelters while studying for his doctorate program. The man wanted to make a difference in the way animals were seen, and the first place he looked was on the streets.

Pak Kret's neighborhoods have many stray dogs, and their life is very difficult at times. That's why Ajarn set out to find a way to help them feel safe and avoid bad weather.

The structure he created is very easy to assemble, and its usefulness is not limited to only one city. The shelters can be put to good use anywhere in the urban environment in Thailand, thus adding hope and some love to the life of each stray dog, according to Sunnyskyz.

The foldable shelters are meant to keep stray animals healthy, avoiding the rain and intense heat risks.

Ajarn formed the structures by recycling old billboards. They were then turned into mounted tents that could be folded at a moment's notice.

Behind the panel, there is also a small platform that the dogs can use so they can stay above the ground. The purpose of these shelters is to offer stray dogs a safe and dry place where they can sleep. Another benefit is that the platform also allows for food and water to be placed in each little shelter.

So far, the project has drawn many supportive people. The group dedicated to this initiative had over 10,000 members, with several posts showing how comfortable the stray dogs are while using the platforms that shelter them.

"We seek to improve stray dogs' welfare. We improve all our lives when we make theirs better. Many people are affected when dogs get abandoned, and these shelters will improve communication between neighbors while attempting to solve the problem. We can solve it together. Join the dog program and stay aware of animals and how they live. Be the one who helped. Let's join together in community spirit and a home for the homeless," a social media post made by the group states.

"Escape from the sun, rain, or even people. It's a place to rely on both physically and mentally. This project is great," one user commented after learning about the shelters.

"Thank you on behalf of all the stray dogs," was another reaction to the post.
"Very cute. I'm happy for the dogs who can have a bed and can hide from the rain and the sun. Keep up the good work. I support you," was another take on it.

"This is such an amazing and innovative project! So proud of you and your good heart in taking care of animals. Kindness goes round in circles; it will come back to you tenfold," another heartwarming reaction concluded.


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