Parents homeschool their 10 kids, all go to college early: "God will help them achieve their calling"

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An Alabama couple decided to homeschool all their ten kids, and the results were certainly impressive. All their children graduated high school early, and now they have moved on to study and work in their areas of interest.

Kip and Mona Lisa Harding's kids have a "can do" attitude to life, and their chosen study areas have certainly seen notable milestones accomplished.

What are the details?

Mona Lisa and Kip met in high school and have been together ever since. The Alabama parents are both 53 and have strived to raise their kids, believing that "God will help them achieve their calling."

The happy mom is convinced every family can achieve what they have done while homeschooling their kids. Putting in the extra effort, the love, and determination needed for each milestone is what matters.

"It's a lot of work, it's not easy, but we are not smarter than anyone else. We've been so blessed because we were able to homeschool our kids; if anyone wants to give it a try, we are more than happy to help," she shared with The Epoch Times.

The Hardings first decided to give homeschooling a go when their oldest child finished third grade.

"The biggest reason we brought Hannah, Rosannah, and Serennah home was that we missed them terribly all day," Mona Lisa recalls.

She was working as a part-time nurse then but has since been mostly a full-time mom.

"The school day just got too long, and we did not like that the homework they brought back diminished our family time. We felt educating our children was our responsibility," she explained.

So, the Hardings set out on their homeschooling journey, focusing on mathematics, writing, and Bible studies.

They allowed their kids plenty of freedom to select their areas of interest and pick where to study each day.

"They could work at the table, on the couch, or on their beds. We allowed extra time for what interested them. Some might say we were as relaxed as 'unschoolers,'" the mom added.

They also prepared them for SAT to be accepted in college, and their method left enough time for field trips and exploring hobbies.

While it's been amazing to watch each of the kids grow up and develop their unique talents, there were plenty of challenges to be met along the way.

The children practiced how to "learn on the go" as they read and wrote while traveling with backpacks, in waiting rooms, in a college library, in the family's van, or on different walking tracks.

Later on, the older kids tutored the younger ones when their mom needed extra help.

Mona Lisa is convinced that homeschooling is very efficient and rewarding despite the hard times.

"It's easily tailored to each child's interests, and we don't need to waste time on unnecessary materials. We can also skip ahead if needed and get more done at home in just a few hours compared to what can be done in a classroom. Parents also have the advantage of focusing on a child's weak areas and giving them the needed extra attention. Many subjects can be taught simultaneously to two or three kids at different grade levels," she said.

But being efficient was not the only result the couple was looking for. Watching their kids sing together, talk about historical themes, or discuss math theories was very rewarding as well.

"The best moments are when my kids get excited about what they are learning. Our philosophy for raising kids comes from the Bible. Learning goes much beyond what happens behind a desk. As we go through our day, we strive to answer all of our kids' questions, riding in the car, standing in line, or a waiting room," Mona Lisa said.

They taught their kids not just academic skills but also practical ways to approach life.

"My husband teaches our kids by example to 'work first and play later.' We taught them to wake up and do their chores. We'd do Bible study together; then they were free to read, write, and work on math in whatever order they wanted," Mona Lisa shared.

And at the end of the day, beyond teaching, the couple is there to support their kids with anything they need.

"We're here to laugh and to cry with them. We rejoice in their successes and pray for them in their failures. Having such a large family is a great source of support for each of us," Mona Lisa concluded.


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