Ill teenager gives life savings, raises money for little boy: "Nothing can be done for me, but I want to help Jacob"

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A terminally ill teenager decided to give his $1,350 life savings to help a little boy who is fighting cancer. He didn't stop at giving away his money, though.

The brave teenager made his family proud by getting involved in gathering additional funds for the boy's treatment.

Rhys Langford has helped raise about $80,000 for the boy. The teenager wanted Jacob to have a chance to get healthy again, even though he knew his own illness was far too severe to be healed.

What are the details?

Rhys was diagnosed with cancer two years ago. He first found out about Jacob Jones's condition after reading about his treatment for a rare type of cancer.

It didn't take him long to uncover they were both living in the same town, Ebbw Vale, South Wales, England.

"Rhys found little Jacob's story online, and he called me upstairs to show me. He said, 'I want to donate money to him; it would be incredible if someone could save him,'" Catherine Langford, the teenager's mom, shared with The Epoch Times.

The mother didn't know how to react, knowing that her son was close to losing his own life due to illness but had somehow found the strength to think about protecting someone else.

"Our hearts are broken because our son is dying, but they are bursting with pride at the same time," Catherine added.

Rhys had worked for a water supplier before getting sick, and he didn't think twice about paying over his life savings to give Jacob a better chance to recover.

"I know that nothing can be done for me, but I want to help Jacob. This is one of my many last wishes," was his message to encourage other people to donate.

Before this happened, the teenager was a gifted athlete. Rhys was one of the youngest people to achieve the black belt in martial arts, Krav Maga, with an adult grading.

He also scaled the highest mountain in Wales, Snowdon, and had wished to go up Ben Nevis, the highest in the UK and Scotland.

The first sign of his illness showed up in a sprint race with his friends when he lost his balance. He was still limping after eight weeks, but he kept working.

There came a time when Rhys had to struggle to even get out of a lorry. After several tests, a shocking diagnosis came.

"Your world breaks down once you hear that word 'cancer.' I can remember Rhys saying, 'Dad, I'll be alright, Dad, it's only cancer, I'll be fine'—he has been so brave throughout everything," Paul, Catherine's husband, recalls.

His parents were told his chances of recovering were 50%.

"We knew he'd be severely disabled, but we always thought he could beat it. And when the severity of the illness dawned upon Rhys, he began to question what he'd done wrong in his life and why this was happening to him," Paul added.

Unfortunately, as time passed, the illness continued to spread despite all attempts to improve Rhys's chances.

"If someone gives you a 1% chance of life, as a parent, you thrive on it—but there was nothing they could do. He went through a dark stage, thinking nothing was waiting on the other side for him," Paul shared.

Rhys did find comfort in religion eventually, and every visit from Reverend Roy Watson brought him peace.

"He didn't see any point in counseling, but he found faith when the reverend came to the house. The reverend read passages from the Bible at his bedside, and he was engrossed," Paul said.

Even though he went through so much, Rhys still found the strength to think about someone else.

"Rhys has always been a caring and selfless boy, always thinking of others. After what he's been through, to do this for a little boy—words can't describe how proud we are of him," Paul added.

Jacob's dad, Alwyn, also said that the whole family feels thankful for Rhys's generosity and goodwill toward Jacob.

"He didn't have long to live, and yet he read Jacob's story and wanted to help him. He said that he couldn't be saved, so he wanted to help Jacob. Our hearts go to his family in this difficult, sad time," Alwyn concluded.


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