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Bride in tears as dad wears paper tie she made decades ago: "He had it on his mirror throughout my entire childhood"

Amy Christie

A bride got a wonderful surprise at her wedding as her dad wore the handcrafted paper tie she made in her childhood. She remembered he had promised he would have it when she got married, but the tie appeared to have been lost years before.

The relic turned up, and their father-daughter dance touched everyone as they shed joyful tears.

What are the details?

Her dad's gesture on the dance floor brought Megan Becker-Towns to tears. She was deeply moved on the day she tied the knot with Travis.

Glenn, her dad, had somehow managed to find the paper tie she had crafted more than two decades ago in school.

"Father's Day is in summer, so our last art project of the year was making paper ties. They had a string of yarn attached and were laminated," the 29-year-old bride shared with The Epoch Times.

"As he opened it, he said he was so proud and that he was going to wear it at my wedding. He had it on his mirror throughout my entire childhood. Once in a while, he would dust it off and say, again, that he would wear it at my wedding. I didn't believe he truly would," she added.

Megan shared the special moment on social media and the time when they met on the dance floor, and she spotted the tie will stay as a memory to be treasured for years. The bride was overcome with emotion and felt so grateful for having a supportive dad who cherished her and celebrated the wonderful occasion with a unique gesture.

"I was completely shocked. The only two people who knew what was going on were my parents. Everyone there had tears in their eyes; I started crying in my dad's arms," Megan recalls.

"I made this paper tie for my dad for Father's Day, and I worked so hard on it and was so proud. He told me that he would wear it on my wedding day, and I giggled and went on with my day. As a teenager, I'd roll my eyes and be like, "Okay, dad!'" she wrote in her post while remembering what happened years ago.

There was also a time when the tie seemed to have vanished for good.

"When my parents moved into their new home, I no longer saw the tie. I asked my dad what happened, and he said it got lost in the move. I didn't think anything of it until I got engaged. I jokingly said, 'Well, I guess you don't get to wear that tie!'" Megan wrote.

Luckily, the tie wasn't gone. Her mother had packed it up when they moved the Appleton. Even though she joked about her dad not being able to don the tie when she would be married, Megan had no idea that her dad was actually searching for it with a purpose.

Travis had asked his permission to propose, and Glenn was on a quest to uncover the tie's location. He retrieved it just in time so he could surprise his daughter on the big day.

"He hid it in the garage in his tool chest and told me it got 'lost in the move,'" Megan said.

And she counts her dad's outfit as one of the two significant moments of that day. The other unforgettable moment was when she saw her husband's face as she walked toward him down the aisle, and his words were, "You are so beautiful."

Megan and Travis met at the company she works for, and they're both from Oshkosh. They've just bought a new home in Appleton, and that's where they will start their own family.

The happy bride has always been very close to her dad, who never missed her sports games, took her fishing, went to her dance recitals, and showed her how to paint and "fix things."

One of their most cherished memories together is when her dad brought her cozy warm socks after fetching her from dance practice in the winter.

"He is the best dad. My two sisters, three brothers, and I are the luckiest kids ever," Megan concluded.


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