Woman resonates with moms all over as she calms down son's tantrum: "It's ok to be angry, but we have to let it go"

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Destiny Bennett, a homeschool mom of three boys, has spent almost all her life around kids.

She grew up in a home daycare her mom was running for 18 years, then she studied early childhood development in college and went on trade other pursuits to become a full-time mom. While bonding with her kids, she takes the time to understand their meltdowns, and her insight is proving useful for many parents around the country.

What are the details?

Destiny Bennett has a close-knit family where everyone is homeschooled, so they get plenty of time to be in tune with one another and take part in every special moment as a team.

The happy mom is convinced that communication is the most valuable and meaningful part of their relationship as it helps them grow together and surpass every trying time.

"I'd like to think that I am that mom that my boys will grow up and feel comfortable talking to me about everything," Bennett shared with The Epoch Times.

She recently explained how she handled a meltdown from her little boy. She worked gently with him to overcome the discomfort and negative emotions while talking to him.

Her unique way of bonding with her son resonated with so many moms around the world, as dealing with tantrums is never easy, and so many parents need to find a way to resolve the situation without creating a distance.

On the day when it happened to Bennett, her son had been having a tantrum for over an hour.

She revealed that he was angry and upset because he wanted a toy, but he couldn't have it because it belonged to his brother. When she saw that he was so upset, his mom decided that taking him out for a walk would be the best thing.

She knelt to have eye contact with him on the doorstep and addressed her son right at the front door. "D'you know just how much I love you?" she asked the little boy.

Then she extended her arms wide to show how far her love for him went. "I love you, like, more than this," Bennett added.

Then she started talking to her son calmly, without shouting or getting annoyed.

"I can see how angry you are. I just want you to feel better. Feeling better is about getting the things we want sometimes. But we can't get what we want sometimes. It's ok to be angry, but we have to let it go and understand we're not going to get it," she told her son.

The little boy then nodded, gave his mom a big hug, and kissed her. They went around the block for a run, and everything was ok when they got back.

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"He lightened up a lot after we talked, and we raced around the block. He was his normal happy self by the time we got back home," Bennett said for the outlet.

The mother describes her son as "super affectionate and very sweet," adding he loves to get hugs at least five times every day.

"He feels so deeply, which is why many of his emotions are amplified," she said.

So, Bennet trusted the reaffirmation of love as the ingredient to bring back calm. However, she knows that there's no recipe that will work in every case of tantrums, squabbles, or meltdowns.

They vary in size, and their causes can be very diverse.

"All my children are different, and their needs can vary depending on what's causing their meltdown, but it almost always comes down to a root need. I try my best to be in tune and bond with them so I can meet their needs and be aware of them. That need is sometimes a hug and quality time; sometimes it's a snack, other times it's a nap," Bennet said.

She keeps love, empathy, communication, and kindness at the forefront every time she interacts with her kids, and she focuses on mindful parenting.

"I try to incorporate and keep mindful of those principles in everything we do in our home, whether it be how I address them, how they address me, or how they address each other," she concluded.

How often do you deal with tantrums from your kids? What's your secret for resolving them?






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