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Dog with permanent smile warms hearts all around: "He just loves everyone"

Amy Christie

A senior dog with an endearing smile is touching hearts all over the country. Chevy has his home with the Denlinger family in Kettering, Ohio, and he's been upbeat and always smiley ever since he was a little puppy.

Tina and Bart Denlinger decided to adopt the dog after they lost their golden retriever, and their lives had been changed for good. No day passes by without sharing a grin with their dog, and his constant smile adds optimism for people everywhere.

What are the details?

"We started looking for a companion for our little corgi and found an ad in the paper. We saw his smile the first time when we went to pick him up from the veterinarian's office," Tina, 60, shared with The Epoch Times.

And the moment they glimpsed Chevy's smile stays with them even now.

"When they carried him out, and he got to see my husband, Chevy had the biggest grin. Everyone there laughed and couldn't believe the smile on his face," Tina recalls.

And Chevy is as clever as he is smiley. He goes around the house every day at 6 a.m. to remind everyone it's time for breakfast, and he loves spinning in circles and playing with his toys. As soon as Tina's cabinet door opens wide, Chevy knows "it's party time."

Chevy also enjoys playing outdoors and always goes with Tina and Bart on their camping trips between April and November each year.

The little dog lets his owners know what he would like to do, and he instantly stops smiling and gets pouting if he has to be on his own at home while the couple goes out.

"We've never had a dog that is so upbeat and acts like a puppy. Everything is a celebration to him," Tina added.

Chevy doesn't hesitate to ride with them in their golf cart "like he's in a parade," wearing his sun visor and staying safe in his harness.

Positive reactions to Chevy were so strong on social media that Tina decided it was time he got his own page. The little dog now has over 8,500 followers, and more and more people discover his touching smile every day.

"A school teacher told us that he starts his class every day with Chevy's picture to set the mood for kindness and positivity. I had a lady reach out too, saying it helps her mother, who is very sick, to put a smile on her face. Some people told me they use Chevy's picture as a screensaver," Tina shared about the extraordinary impact the dog's smile has.

For her, Chevy will always be her "cuddle bug," a dog full of affection and care who loves being around people just as much as everyone enjoys his smile.

"He just loves everyone, and the reaction on their faces is fun to see," Tina concluded about the unique dog who won't let anyone have a rainy day or get sad.


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