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Family welcomes baby no. 9 with a tender reveal: "It's been so rewarding to experience motherhood"

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When a 29-year-old mom announced that she was pregnant for the ninth time, many people thought it was time for a little girl.

However, the touching moment she and her husband organized to let their sons and the world know that this summer, they would welcome another baby boy and love him as a precious gift will stay as a treasured memory for years to come.

What are the details?

Yalancia Rosario, who is in charge of her own business and runs it from home, is married to Michael Rosario, 36. The couple lives in Dallas, Texas, and they've welcomed eight boys so far.

Baby number nine is about to come into their lives. The parents are excited to see the new baby, and it won't be long now since June is the time when he is expected to be born.

The happy parents filmed the moments when they revealed whether they would have a daughter or a son. The touching footage was posted on social media, and each boy was asked if they wanted a sister or a brother.

The siblings were divided when their mom asked the question, but as soon as the huge balloon popped open above their heads, they were all showered in blue confetti.

They all shouted with excitement, knowing they would soon get to cuddle a new little brother.

"I believe most of them enjoy having brothers, so they were happy when the blue confetti went flying everywhere! They enjoy each other's company," Yalancia shared with The Epoch Times.

When asked if she had known it would be another boy, she said her instinct had guided her, and she didn't have any doubt about it.

"I was overjoyed. It warms my heart knowing I'll be adding another bouncy boy to our crew to love on!" the happy mom added.

Yalancia lost one baby, and making sure the pregnancy went well is one of her top concerns.

"After losing a baby two weeks before delivery, you get anxious in your final weeks !!! Five more weeks, and I've been doing great with my anxiety and eagerness keeping myself busy and staying positive as this will be my fifth successful birth since that loss, God willing," the mom wrote on social media.

The mother celebrates the identity of each of her boys and is happy that they all have their personalities but stay united in a beautiful bond.

They all know that they have an essential role in their family, and Yalancia makes sure no one is left out, and they don't get the impression that they could be replaced.

"The bond that they share mimics my own bond with them! They are always making sure one another is okay, and I love that they have that bond!"

Yalancia and Michael team up to send the core message to their kids that they need to be compassionate, supportive, and kind to themselves and everyone they meet and never to be afraid to try something or go for what they love.

Yalancia is convinced that their whole life is a learning experience and that they are constantly winning together as a family.

Their love and support are riddled with daily challenges, too. Yalancia admitted that the gas and grocery bills could go quite high for the entire family, laundry day can get tricky, but somehow the mother has found a way to stay on top of things and organize it all in a cheerful and positive way.

"I pretty much have a chart for everything. We do reward systems for chores; they are well-behaved boys, great at following directions, so getting ready each morning isn't too bad as everything is prepped for the week," Yalancia said.

She is also proud of her boys going to school. At this age, they have already become "excellent tutors," and she encourages them to be as dedicated at home and while studying in the classroom.

Yalancia truly believes that her kids changed her view on life and that nothing can be the same once you become a mom.

"It's been so rewarding to experience motherhood through so many different personalities; the love is indescribable," she concluded, pointing to the emotional connection that is unique to each family and the way you stay close to each child for the rest of your life, supporting, instructing, helping, listening, crying together, or hugging without asking any questions.







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