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Couple gives 600 free "mom and dad" hugs at college campus: "Sometimes you need to be wrapped up"

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After connecting with a grieving teen at their local church, a mom who lives in North Carolina felt it was time to share kindness and love. She made several signs saying, "Free Mom Hugs" and "Free Dad Hugs," and then went to the closest university campus with her husband.

They took their time and didn't hesitate to offer a hug to anyone who was in need of "mom and dad" hugs.

What are the details?

The couple set in place their wonderful initiative at the campus of Appalachian State University, and when the day ended, they had given out 600 free hugs that brought tears and smiles.

They had sore feet after hours of hugging, but their hearts were full because they shared a bit in every person's story and tried to comfort them as best they could, according to The Epoch Times.

Jordan also shared their day on social media as a way to mark the meaningful experience and to point out that giving hugs and staying connected to each other always make a difference.

"We held signs and asked each student, professor, or staff member that passed us if they wanted a hug, and let me tell you, we hugged until our arms fell off. We smiled until our cheeks were sore. We gave hundreds of hugs. Happy hugs. Sad hugs. Bear hugs. Rib-cracking, back-breaking hugs," Jordan wrote about their unique experience filled with so much joy and thankfulness.

Some people sprinted toward them the minute they spotted the signs, while others walked on by with a nod. However, most of them doubled back when they realized it was all about hugs.

A few students came back to get their second or third hug in between classes. That extra-special hug cheered them up and added smiles to their day.

Jordan got the idea to start giving out free hugs after she went to church two weeks before visiting the campus.

"There's this girl, and she recently lost her mom. The sermon on that Sunday was on grief and how hope is our anchor in times of grief, and I could see that the message impacted her. I felt a nudge in my spirit to go give her a hug,' she said.

As she came closer to the teenager and offered to hug her, the young woman held on tight and didn't hesitate for a minute. Jordan reassured her and told her there was still so much love left around her.

And at that moment, the idea of free hugs idea came to Jordan.

She shared her idea with her husband Matt as soon as she got back home, and he was more than willing to help. They also thought about the hugs and decided they would hold on for as long as the receiver needed them to.

She revealed that during their special day on campus, most people didn't want to let go of their embrace. Hugs are unique for Jordan as she believes they are a way to give comfort and make someone feel valued, and add dignity.

"Sometimes you need to be wrapped up by someone," she added.

And by adding 600 hugs for the day, the couple understood that their idea had met a need for added affection.

"We had precious hearts melt in our arms because they were overwhelmed with exams and school, and a few who told us through tears they weren't able to go home," she wrote online.

One of the most touching hugs was the one she shared with a "beautiful girl" who had lost her mom, and they hugged and cried together for 10 minutes. A man whose father was battling cancer also hugged Matt tightly for a few minutes.

"I'm overwhelmed by God's goodness and how he loves us. Our feet, our arms, and our ribs are sore. But our hearts are so full," Jordan concluded, moved by the fact that most people admitted they needed a hug more than anything else.


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