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Couple in love after seven decades: "People give up too quickly"

Amy Christie

Kenneth, 95, and Faye, 93, are still in love after 72 years together and have become an inspiration to building a relationship that lasts. Their devotion to each other is even making more people decide to get married.

They've discovered what it means to stay committed for decades and keep love, compassion, and kindness alive through all the tough times, the tears, and the joy.

What are the details?

"Seeing how close they are is setting an example for us and how we want to live our lives and our marriages. It's so heartwarming to see them love each other so much," Jalee Nicole, 39, shared with The Epoch Times about her grandparents.

"People give up too quickly. To see that someone in their 90s who have been through 72 years together is not super common," she added.

Kenneth and Faye met while she was studying nursing in Beaumont, and she rented a room in his family's home.

"I thought Faye was beautiful," Kenneth said.
"Kenneth was good-looking, played the guitar, sang, and was funny. Kenneth got jealous when I dated the neighbor next door. He decided to ask what his intentions were and basically stole me from him!" Faye shared.

They got married at St. Anthony Catholic Church in Beaumont and started a family while Faye was working as a nurse and Kenneth became a fitted welder.

Despite the hard work and the long hours, they always found a way to each other and happy times.

Their resolve to be together no matter what came their way hasn't faded one bit as the years passed, and it can still be seen today in everything they do.

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"My memaw had recently had a fall. She was on medication and had an anxiety attack, and the thing that calmed her was sitting in [my grandfather's] lap that day," their granddaughter said.

Jalee lives three hours away from her grandparents, and she posted the wonderful moments that show how much love matters at any age. The beautiful moments when Kenneth is comforting Faye found their way on social media and touched many people who could see their support and care for each other.

Jalee also mentioned that one of the users who saw the clip commented that it had inspired him to ask his girlfriend to marry him.

"I thought it was cool. Their love inspired him to settle down!" Jalee said.

Whenever people ask them how they managed to have a happy marriage for so long, Kenneth and Faye say that the most important thing is "respecting one another and doing things together."

"We would take our kids on vacation every year and go on a vacation alone. We took the kids to church every Sunday and always remained faithful to each other," they added.

To them, being married wasn't only about raising their kids but also about keeping "in tune" with each other.

"Put God first, then family, and it seems to work itself out. Never keep secrets, don't go to bed angry, always forgive. Thank God for having each other, even when you don't feel like it. Don't forget to have fun and keep enjoying each other. Make the time!" is their advice to other couples.

They also had lots of fun driving across the country in an RV and getting to see every state except Alaska and North Dakota.

Every time they headed on a new trip, they would sing Willie Nelson's "On The Road Again."

Kenneth and Faye have four children, ten grandkids, an adopted niece, and 22 grandkids. While they have definitely slowed down lately, they are still just as strong as ever, and their love can be felt in every corner of their house.

"I admire their determination to stay together; divorce has never been an option. They simply work through everything that they can. We're very close-knit, and their house is the hub. We are a bunch of loud people, but it's full of love," Jalee added.

Jalee and her family find hope and new reasons to smile every time they get together. And Kenneth and Faye are examples of a love story that doesn't end or fade because of obstacles and hardship.

"Cherish your grandparents because time is fleeting. Ask them questions, snuggle with your grandparents, love them and hug them. Don't take them for granted," Jalee encouraged everyone.

And for those who feel like this kind of love can't be found anymore, the granddaughter insists there is always hope for happy times. You just need to find "that person. They do exist, and you can find them."


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