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Little boy brings flowers to toddler after fighting cancer together: "Need to grow up first, but we can get married"

Amy Christie

Two Arizona toddlers met in hospital as they were undergoing treatment, and their close bond has warmed both their families and many people who witnessed their touching story.

Mack Porter and Payson Altice were both diagnosed when they were very young and were treated at Phoenix Children's Hospital. That's where they saw each other for the first time. Since then, their connection has grown stronger, and they have lots of hugs and love for each other.

What are the details?

"Payson happened to be walking by Mack's room with a big bouquet of balloons. She was having a parade. Later, we asked if [her parents] would be ok with Mack going for a walk with Payson, and from there, they started playing," Dani, Mack's mom, shared with The Epoch Times.

Once they got released from the hospital, the toddlers didn't meet for two months. They FaceTimed, and several videos were exchanged between the two families, but they kept asking for a play date, so their parents eventually brought it about.

So, Dani took Mack to Payson's house. She shared that her son intended to "take her flowers. Need to grow up first, but we can get married."

The reunion was filmed and then posted on social media, and many people's hearts were full when seeing the pure joy of this unique meeting where love and friendship played the most important part.

Mack approached Payson on the sidewalk while holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Payson happily came close, accepted the flowers, and completed the emotional moment with a big hug for the little boy.

Their endearing connection was met by a wave of positive comments from online users, and "tears, hope, and love" were at the forefront.

"The overall feel is so good, and it feeds your soul," Dani said.

The tiny pair who found true affection while fighting to stay healthy moved commenters and showed everyone what truly matters.

"They're just too much. Play it at their wedding in 20 years!" was a heartfelt reaction to the footage.

"Bless these beautiful children and best buddies! This was the happiest moment in my day, to see their love and friendship! Positive health to both!" was another take on it.

"You know they are soulmates and are going to end up getting married, right," another user wrote on seeing the wonderful video.
"Oh how sweet, the first great love," another commenter added their thoughts.

Dani also revealed that Mack and Payson love to share toys, understand each other, and have lots of fun.

And when he was asked how Payson helped him while he was in the hospital, Mack said, "We like to play hide-and-seek and dance. She's my best friend."

While the two toddlers are constantly growing closer, Mack is also involved in helping another girl battling the same disease.

The footage of the loving moment was posted one more time to show a journey to strength and health while trying to spread the good to benefit "Khloe Vigil, from Barstow, Ca, who is battling cancer." The MackyStrong t-shirts are definitely part of a mission to help and cheer up.


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