Blind little boy rides bikes, plays the piano, loves skiing: "The only limits are those we create in our heads"

Amy Christie

Ashton Dunford is a determined little boy set on seeing no limits to what he can do in life. Though it may seem unlikely, the brave boy who is blind has done the same things, maybe even more, than other kids his age.

Tyler and Hilda Dunford's son doesn't let anything stop his dreams, and as he surpasses each limit, he teaches love and kindness to his family and neighbors.

What are the details?

Ashton can ride bikes, knows how to ski downhill, and wants to be a writer one day, a marine biologist, and even take part in the Paralympics.

The little boy can already play the piano, frequently performs in the kids' choir, and has won awards for his writing in Braille.

Each milestone he surpasses inspires his family.

"He's changed our lives and is teaching many others blindness doesn't get in the way of doing all the things he wants to do in life. We are both so proud of him for being fearless and determined to show everyone how much he can do without sight," Hilda, his mother, shared with The Epoch Times.

His mother loves him for thriving despite any obstacles and is proud to support her son in anything he would like to do.

"I admire him for taking on challenges with courage and showing me that there are no limits. The only limits are those we create in our heads. He's blind, but nothing stops him from being independent," she said.

Hilda still remembers the time when she found out her son was blind and how sad she felt back then. In the meantime, they have learned lots of things together, and the future definitely looks more hopeful.

"I remember being heartbroken and feeling our world was falling apart. I'd never been around a blind child, and I knew nothing about raising one. I had a lot to learn from all of his therapists and the school of the blind," the mother added.

More than anything else, Hilda understood that her son's will to succeed and his joy in life are connected to always going forward, no matter how difficult some milestones may turn out to be.

"Every milestone took lots of work, but he always reached them in his own time," Hilda said.

Not only did he reach the accomplishments he set his heart on, but he surpassed all expectations and made wonderful memories with his family along the way.

"He took the first steps in our kitchen. It was so beautiful to watch him walking with his arms stretched out to reach his sister. He smiled all the way and fell into her arms," his mother recalls.

Then, he got interested in bikes. At first, Ashton had a balance bike, but after hearing other kids had pedals, he was excited about trying them. His dad brought him a new bike with pedals a few days later.

They took it outside together, and Ashton only needed 10 minutes to figure out how it worked.

He hurried inside to let all his family know, in a loving moment that showed them all that there are no limits when so much happiness is found in the little things.

"I always tell my kids that they can do all the hard things. We are always supporting them any way we can," Hilda said, pointing out that Ashton is undaunted by difficult things and that now they have all learned it matters a lot to let him try.

And his milestones grow all the time, with challenges met and conquered.

"I will always be his number one fan rooting for him and knowing how far he's come since he was born," Hilda said.

And the whole family is ready for many heartwarming lessons about to come. Lessons in courage and dedication are plenty in Ashton's life.

"Being Ashton's mom made me change my perspective from seeing with my eyes to seeing with my heart. Witnessing his growth the last ten years has been more beautiful than I ever could've imagined," Hilda concluded.


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