Men try to get $8,000 from grandma, she catches them in the act: "He fell for it"

Amy Christie

A grandmother from Long Island realized she was about to be tricked into giving money away by scammers. So, when she got the strange phone call asking her for $8,000, she decided to turn the game on them.

The 73-year-old grandma didn't get intimidated, she played her part well, and the scammers got caught thanks to her intuition and fast response.

What are the details?

Jean, the grandmother, got a call from a stranger saying he was her grandson. The man claimed he was in trouble and needed money for bail. However, the woman knew her grandson couldn't drive, so there was no way the person on the phone was telling the truth.

"I realized he was a real scammer," Jean shared, according to The Epoch Times.

Just a few minutes after the first phone call, the woman got another call from someone pretending they were her grandson's lawyer and asking again for $8,000.

Through it all, Jean stayed calm and decided to catch the individuals trying to trick her with a strategy of her own. What the men didn't know was that Jean was a former 911 dispatcher, so she was familiar with all types of calls and unusual situations.

"I told him that I had the money in the house, and I figured he's not going to fall for that. Well, he fell for it—hook, line, and sinker," Jean said.

The grandmother had already called the police, so she just had to wait for the man to walk up to her door. And that's precisely what he did, claiming to be her grandson's bail bondsman.

In the footage from Jean's doorbell cam, a man wearing a trench coat can be seen accepting an envelope from the grandmother. He was wearing a mask; he turned and left with the envelope filled with paper towels.

He didn't get too far, though. Officers rushed out and took over.

Unfortunately, such actions targeting the elderly are becoming more common. That's why Jean feels it was only appropriate that they got a taste of their own tricks.

"I feel like gotcha, so many people fall for it, and you only hear what happened on the other end after they have lost $8,000," the clever grandma concluded.


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