Siblings in tears when stepdad asks to adopt them: "Will you be my son and daughters?"

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Three siblings were touched by an unexpected gesture from their stepdad, who has been close to them for over 18 years. While offering gifts for everyone when it was the youngest sister's 22nd birthday, he also prepared a surprise.

The heartwarming moment when they found his note asking if he could adopt all three touched them all and moved many people around the world.

What are the details?

"Even though it was my sister's birthday, my stepdad had a gift for each of us, and he wanted us to open the gifts together," Isabel Arias, 27, shared with The Epoch Times.

After they all gathered to sing the birthday song and taste the cake, Angela Marroquin, Isabel's mom, gathered the siblings around the table, and each one of them received a box.

"He was to the side of the table, and then they said, 'Okay, open your gift!'" Isabel said.

Isabel, Arturo, 25, and Anahy Olmedo got excited and started opening their boxes, making jokes about the candy inside and the funny tissue paper. But at the bottom of each box, papers were waiting.

"We all cried at once. Underneath the candy was all the adoption paperwork and a pink sticky note saying, 'Will you be my son and daughters?'" Isabel said.

As she read the touching note, Anahi asked their stepdad, "You want to adopt us?"

Then Arturo ran over and hugged their stepdad, Juan Marroquin, 52. The sisters added their own hugs, and all the party guests cheered and clapped on hearing the amazing news.

Isabel posted the wonderful moments on social media, sharing the joy they all felt. The clip was captioned, "Our family is not defined by blood; it's about love," and it gathered over 97,000 likes and plenty of positive comments.

"We were shocked! It makes me happy people have said how heartfelt it is and that they usually see the child asking a parent to adopt them, not the parent asking the child," Isabel said.

She also received lots of cheerful messages from people all over the world telling her how great the gesture was.

"We are happy our moment made people's day and gave them a reason to smile and shed a few tears," she added.

Juan met Angela almost two decades ago while he was a DJ at a party.

"He took a moment to ask my mom to dance. I didn't like that a man was asking my mom that. I laugh at it now, but my siblings liked him," Isabel recalls.

Even though, in the beginning, the siblings thought he was too serious, they soon understood that he was very caring and supportive and welcomed him as a part of their family.

"He became a father figure to us. When our father stopped coming around for my siblings and me, Juan was there for us just like a father should be. He offered us advice, gave lessons, and made memories with us. He was there for my sister and me for our father-daughter dance; he was there for my brother on his soccer journey, coaching him and training him," Isabel shared.

Their family's favorite tradition was "Soccer Sunday," and they also had plenty of barbecues, picnics, and exciting trips.

"These memories are precious to us because there was so much laughter and good times," Isabel concluded, showing once more just how much it matters to be close in feelings and build love daily through care, commitment, and affection.


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