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Mom of 8 is a CEO and basketball coach: "Work, kindness, and God will get you through anything"

Amy Christie

A mom of eight has managed to stay on top of her family's schedule. And she is not a stay-at-home mom either. Amanda Barker loves a good challenge, and switching between CEO responsibilities, 3-hour training as a baseball coach, meditating, studying the scripture, and bonding with all her kids brings her happiness and makes her feel fulfilled.

What are the details?

The busy mother has learned to navigate through her days with patience, hard work, and a lot of kindness.

She has her home in Provo, Utah, with her husband, Tyler.

"My day starts before the children are awake. I like to wake up early, get a good workout, meditate, and hop in the shower before the kids roll out of bed. The morning is busy getting ready and then helping the kids get their chores done and ready for school," Amanda shared with The Epoch Times.

Her kids go to school at 7:30 a.m. and 8 a.m.

Before leaving for work at 9 a.m., Amanda manages to write in her journal for a while and study scripture.

And once the afternoon comes, she takes over as head basketball coach at Provo High School, where each practice lasts 3 hours.

"Evenings are full of my kids' activities, including basketball, gymnastics, church activities, homework, friends, and family time. We like to gather in the evening, study the scripture and pray as a family before we send them to bed and prepare for another day," the happy mom said.

Even though daily schedules can turn hectic, the family shares a common belief in hard work, dedication, obedience, and service.

"I ask the Lord to bless us all each morning. Work, kindness, and God will get you through anything life throws at you," Amanda added.

She explained that each child is treated as an individual and that she is aware that one parenting technique can't work for all of them.

"Making sure I see each of my children as individuals, with strengths and weaknesses, is important. Learning what motivates them to make choices and their love language can sometimes be a challenge, but I love a good challenge," she said.

Amanda and Tyler met more than two decades ago while playing basketball for Brigham Young University. They are convinced that their greatest achievement is their "very large, beautiful family."

They strive to keep their family strong and have a "No friends on Sunday" rule in place to encourage bonding and love.

"Every Sunday, we sit down and have family dinner. We talk about their activities. After, we stick around and do the dishes together. Although they all complain, this time leads to wonderful moments filled with laughter and family bonding," Amanda added.

The mother advises every parent who needs to care for a large family to keep faith and love without restraint.

"Be present, try to take time for each [child] daily. Keep God close always; He knows each of them far better than we do. Give lots of hugs, support each other," she concluded.


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