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Officers help homeless man on cold night: "You taking me to jail? No, we're going to Ross"

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On a cold night in Phoenix, two police officers happened to pass by a homeless man. They checked on him as he was sitting quietly just outside a PNC Bank.

Officers Michael Hubbs and Benjamin Carro immediately noticed that the man had no socks or shoes on. And he also told them it was very difficult to spend the night outside with no shoes to keep him warm that night.

The response he got was not what he expected, though.

What are the details?

The exchange between the homeless man and the officers was caught on bodycam and then posted on the Department's social media page.

In the footage, the man is heard getting worried and asking, "You taking me to jail?"

The reply he got amazed him as it was the last thing he expected to happen.

"No, we're going to Ross to buy you some shoes," one of the officers answered him.

After that, they asked the man his shoe size. An 18, the barefooted man replied. The officers called a clothes store that was close by and found out that they only had either a size 17 or 19.

It took just 20 minutes to have a new pair of shoes delivered to the homeless man. The pair was a size 19, and he also got pants, socks, and a new shirt. The officers spent $80 for this good deed, and it all came from their own money.

When they came back with the shoes and the clothes, the man was sitting on the sidewalk. He gratefully accepted their kind gifts and can be heard saying "thank you" at the end of the video.

The officers were touched by the man's situation because they had also gone through tough times, according to The Epoch Times.

"We weren't the most fortunate people. We chose this career that brings us to the depths of people's lives. Sometimes we come across people such as this gentleman in this circumstance. This wasn't something you could ignore; it was a very cold night," Carro explained.

The unique moments were highly valued by the online community as well, getting over 20,000 likes and several replies commending the officers for their compassion and support.

"Love it. This police officer is going above and beyond his duty to help someone. I love random acts of kindness. This officer made a huge impact on this man. Not because he is an officer, but because he wanted to help someone in need. This is likely one reason why he became an officer - to help others," one of the commenters wrote.

"To see this police officer buy a homeless man a pair of shoes and clothes to stay warm. He is a hero for doing this for someone he never knew. Great job," was how another user felt about it.

"Yes, that was a blessing. The officer, seeing a need for this man, without hesitation, responded and went beyond his call of duty. May God give you his favor and mercy. Thank you again. It was great to hear about what you have done; may your days go well and safe," another user concluded about the kind action.


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