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North Carolina mom welcomes 16th child: "We name everyone with a 'C' because of my husband's name and because of Christ"

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When a North Carolina couple had their 16th child, they had to think really hard about how to name him due to the family tradition of all kids' names starting with the letter "C."

The reason for their unique tradition is very touching and goes to show that goodwill and faith are still solid pillars for building a family.

What are the details?

Patty and Carlos Hernandez have settled down together and are enjoying family life in Charlotte. And when they welcomed their new bundle of joy, a healthy baby boy, they took some time until they decided to call him Clayton.

The reason for the slight delay was a heartwarming family tradition they have kept to ever since they had their first child.

"We name everyone with a 'C' because of my husband's name and because of Christ. In honor of both, we pick the letter" Patty, who is from Guatemala, shared with The Epoch Times.

The couple runs their own cleaning business, and they have a fulfilled life with their big family. Patty and Carlos wish to instill faith, responsibility, and integrity in their kids as they raise them.

"Our children love each other and enjoy going to school together. They have chores to do, and they wake up at 5.30 a.m. to go to school, help care for the seven babies and the household," Patty said.

And when the kids go to school, the couple runs the company and does all other errands before it's nap time for the babies at 1 p.m.

"We love the Lord, so we teach them the Bible. We want them to be good people; that's one of the best bonds we share," the mother added.

And all the family acts as a tight-knit team, relying on themselves to get through each day.

"We spend 500 dollars on food every week—not including diapers and other things," Patty said.

The mother, who dearly loves all her kids and feels fulfilled as a parent, revealed that the 16th baby came as "a big surprise."

"We found out [...] that God was blessing us with one more. Though I had a good pregnancy, it was the longest ever, [...] almost 42 weeks when Clayton came," she said.

Though they do get confused sometimes while calling out every child by their name, Patty and her husband couldn't imagine their life any other way than with their busy household filled with so much love.

Their kids' names are Carla, Caitlyn, Calvin, Catherine, Caleb, Caroline, Carlos Jr., Chris, Cristian, Celeste, Cristina, Caroll, Camilla, Charlotte, Crystal, and Clayton.

"The most important thing is God has blessed us; we're open for more babies if our Lord wants to bless us with more. The best thing about being a mother to 16 kids is that I feel blessed and have a sense of pride because we manage everything," Patty concluded.


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